Is Alani going to get nerfed first or Whiskey Buff first?

Or Toby buff first? I’m guessing Alani Nerf first before Toby and Whiskey gets major buffs.

The only thing requiring change on Toby would be his ultimate. But if that was to happen, I would expect his Railgun to be nerfed to compensate that buff.

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I really don’t think Alani even needs a nerf, to be honest. She seems pretty balanced as she is, even her bubble isn’t any worse than any other form of CC.

Whiskey needs a small damage buff and that’s about it, I think. Even without it, he’s mostly okay, just has a high skill ceiling.

Totally agree on the Toby thing, so long as his basi attack takes a bit of a hit alongside it, otherwise he would just stomp face constantly.


I could see Alani getting nerfed tho both whiskey and Toby I don’t feel have much of a problem having played both and having mastered whiskey he is 1 of my favorite characters just a matter of building him properly which takes abit of time and work getting his mutations and such

The only way I see alani getting nerfed is her DPS so don’t get your hopes up.

The changes to incursion are an indirect buff to whiskey (and all late game characters) as they reduce the early snowball effect, which allows whiskey to reach his prime before the game is out of hand. But yeah, alani does need a nerf, she has way too much going on for her with very few real weaknesses.


I want the Hitbox for reviving Toby to be larger, because as of right now you have to circle him to try and revive him. Also make the shield slightly taller to cover him entirely and give the shield slightly more health so it doesn’t go down so fast. I agree his ultimate is lacking a lot, and I would love them to fix it, but I don’t want to think about my lovable penguin getting his favorite toy nerfed just to get a viable ultimate.


The reviving ‘hitbox’ in PvE is an acceptable request.

His shield though? Eh, I don’t know about making it taller but it definitely doesn’t need more health. There’s a helix upgrade at level 8 called Room for Mistakes that gives +100% more health to his barrier. Adding even more would make him too strong due to his level 1 Helix Me 'n My Magnets, which gives his railgun projectiles that pass through it a juicy +25% damage.

He’ll get nerfed because too many people don’t know to break his shield early game and crush him, or at the very least make him unable to snipe. He’s perfectly balanced, minus his ult (I’m biased, I’m only 4/10 on lore), but due to good players using him he’ll probably get a nerf. Whiskey is fine too, he’s really a beast imo. I don’t use him, but I’ve gotten Shrekt by him enough.
Alani might get a minor one to her damage. So long as she has higher damage than miko I’m happy, but I think she’s perfect where she is at.

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The thing is though is he NEEDS to shoot through his shield to do any damage, it’s way to fragile atm

But with the shield he out damages everything except marquise passive. Oh wait. That’s a sniper too. Hmm. So why can one sniper deal so much damage, no boost required, and the other needs a fragile shield? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m just rambling. I’d guess it has something to do with the fact that Toby’s projectile deals insane damage, has a huge hit box radius, and virtually no recoil in comparison. And can be fired at lower damage but more rapidly. Mid- late game, I’d argue that Toby’s cc is better, too. Maybe only for the highly accurate with his mine, but balance shouldn’t be influenced by skill level. Undermines the core concept of a toon’s difficulty…


Agreed. Problem is making it have more health risks making him almost unstoppable.
A compromise I thought of was to pretend the railgun is stealing energy from the shield to power up the railgun shots.
That way you could buff the health such that you can use it defensively and not shoot through it, which you can’t do right now seeing as it breaks too easily.
Or you could use it offensively and shoot through it but your own shots are compromising its health.

Right now it’s way to easy to be zoned out by Marquis/Thorn and Montana oddly enough because of the huge hitbox.
Side note: It’s disgusting that a Marquis can headglitch and hit Toby and all I can see is the barrel of his gun as it recoils. ( I haven’t played Toby on Overgrowth since the change, so now maybe he can’t as easily headglitch me.)

Lets assume both sides are correct: The shield is too weak to start off, but with the +100% health helix the shield is perfectly durable. Problem with that is that the helix is lvl 8. You’re sentencing Toby to be near useless until lvl 8 so his shield lasts long enough to actually shoot through. Because the damage boost from the lvl 1 helix is nice, but I NEED the shield so my projectiles are fast enough so I can actually hit things. If removing the 25% damage boost meant I had a shield that lasted more than 3 seconds, I would take that any day.
( I say 3 seconds because it takes 2 seconds for the other team to notice I’ve placed a shield.)

OH! And definitely make it taller. I hate placing it on the ground and having it partially glitch into the ground such that I can shoot parallel to the floor and the shot goes over the shield.
Or they could make it that the shield can be placed midair and not just stuck to the floor.

Why not switch the two helix choices around? (100% Shield health and 25% Damage)

Wf doesnt need a buff.
Toby shield needs to scale i have not played him in a while but his shield stayed at 510 when i leveled up this shouldnt happen everyone else skills scale.

Whiskey doesn’t suffer from damage output too much… once he is level 6 he is rocking and rolling at a decent rate.

What kills him is reloading so much for the damage he does. If an enemy isn’t at half hp when you start shooting and you don’t get mostly head shots you’ll probably be reloading as they run away.

I think a bigger magazine would be a world of difference.
And I think 4 shot burst helix should still only use 3 rounds. These two together, depending on mag size, could effectively double his time on target between reloads while not actually adding dps unless you count pause to fire ratio.

That way the complete and total lack of burst damage whiskey is plaged with still has a chance at kills.

Am I the only one that feels like half my fights are just pummeling people down to their safe zone and reloading before I can end it?
Sure get a lot of assist that way if my team is paying attention.

Ultimate sure as ■■■■ needs a change too. Full auto shotgun plz, even if the dps is the same. (Maybe level 10 helix makes it slow on hit, oh god yus)

Still don’t think alani needs a nerf.
Characters have counters, alani is a lot of trouble for a whiskey, mike, marquis… basically anything that has trouble with ambra. but she’s an utter joke vs boldur, who isn’t exactly king of melee dps. And pretty much every other melee character with either high hp and/or decent CC.

And guess who rips tanks apart?
Whiskey, Mike, marquis. It’s a death triangle and it’s healthy.

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Then what would you change it to? Extended mag? He can already get a speed reload instead of 4 round burst

I think this would damage more than help his reload isnt even that bad its slighty worst the mikes if it really pains you that much he has 2 reload helixs and reload gear gives a 20 percent faster reload.
His 4 round burst is the only way to increase his attack speed as gear if it works doesnt work well.

I keep suggesting for Toby’s ultimate, rather than buffing the damage, they should let the beam penetrate opponents so it becomes an AoE beam. Keep the damage as is, but let it hit multiple people at one time.


Best idea for the beam ever

Maybe you guys are confused by what I mean.

I’m not saying change his helix options… I’m saying that when he fires 4 bullets from the 4 bullet burst helix… give that last round for free.

Meaning he shoots 4 bullets and only 3 are deducted from his magazine.

As far as a larger magazine is concerned, they could just give him a base 39-45 rounds and leave it out of the helix.

Reload is reload. Any time off target is too much when the enemy is already retreating and you have no burst dps or chase skills. Unless you picked the slow nade, saved it for the end and landed it.

I mean, he is supposed to be an assassin/DD right?

So why are people able to stay in a fight with little risk until their health is kind of low and then run… laughing as you reload.

You could chase them but you’ll probably die. It works once in a while, though.

Hell they could even make his reload slightly longer and really make people have a hard choice between 4 round burst and reload speed. If that makes it sound more balanced.