IS Alani really slow?

I keep seeing lots of people talk about her movement speed but she seems to be able to get the hell out of dodge pretty quickly to me. Just wondering if I’m the only person who thinks this.

Well, riptide does give bonus move speed but apart from that she is pretty slow. Take her into story mode with people and she lags behind everyone else.


Also this.

It looks like she is slow running, but not moving around. which is pretty much what she does all the time besides firing water balls non stoping.

Yeah that’s what I mean. Her sprint speed might be slow but she’said got some quickness. I’ve seen her cornered a few times and then poof!

Her sprint speed and regular move speed feel nearly identical.

Actually her quickness is most likely because she picked the 30% movement speed from her helix when ahe at max stacks of osmosis

Riptide run speed dont last long and it only takes 9 torrent hits to get max osmosis stacks to recieve the movement speed buff and its infinite until u use ur osmosis stacks to heal

But without these 2 she is extreamly slow and sprinting or moving she is the slowest healer to get around without having to use helix + riptide… so annoying at times when ur trying to keep up with other members of the team… and im not wasting riptide just to run a little faster for a few seconds D: