Is Amara Infusion skill still bugged?

I’m running an Amara elemental build and wondering if Infusion has been fixed?

If it hasn’t been fixed, should I mainly use a weapon with cryo or radiation damage so I don’t nerf the weapon elemental damage??

Currently, the best weapons I have are a shock and cryo crossroads, fire cutsman, cryo nighthawkin, and fire laser sploder

Only damage over time affected i think , but dot has been useless since BL2 . And u shouldnt primarily use those element , i find it to be less effective most of the time

Well, since infusion trades off a portion of your damage for a different type, it’s really not great on elemental weapons, unless you’re looking to add a second type. For instance, I used Fire Infusion while shooting a Tsunami, and Shock Infusion while firing a fire or Corrosive only weapon. It let my fire weapons break shields a little better. Infusion works best on Non-elemental guns, sadly. It’s a really “this for that” situation

I don’t think it’s broken I believe you can only have one DOT from your gun and when you are using 2 elements you have a chance to get 1 or the other and that’s why it switches out

You can apply multiple element DOTs and infusion causes the selected element to apply when the gun element would be applied. What you can’t do is apply the same element twice, so one will override the other if it’s the same element which is what infusion is doing.

The DOT on Maliwan guns can actually be higher than the gun itself with some legedaries. Some of my guns do 10-12k damage a tick. But year don’t become reliant on it.

To OP: Infusion overall isn’t a good skill. It is almost always a damage decrease. If your action skill is the same as the gun then there is no difference in the initial bullet damage. If your action skill is not the element of your gun then you going to do less damage.

If your gun does 1000 corrosive damage, your element is fire, and you have 5 points in infusion. So now you are doing 600 corrosive damage and 400 fire damage. If you are lowing the damage, and this is without any element bonuses. Fire on armor will be even less damage. It’s good for leveling or for a Jacobs build, but I don’t know if even @Derch is in love with it or not. And he made a Jacobs only build.

I love it, I think its amazing especially on m3

I think people underate the skill a lot. And there is the assumption for whatever reason that you HAVE to put 5 points in it. I use 2 points in it with fire weapons and you never have to switch and I notice no loss in dps against all those shielded flesh targets.

Remember shock does 250% more damage to shields. So merely taking 16% of your fireweapon to melt a shield instantly and you can still auto gib the flesh target even if it’s only at “84% of its full strength” include all the damage buffs Amara can get and it’s easily moot

I had 2 points in it at one point and later removed them and noticed and increase in DPS without it.

What was your element infusion and what were you testing on? For me it’s more dps having to swap to drop shields is already working huge dip in dps people seem to ignore. Especially when you using a gun lol Rowan’s where every single crit is resulting in 3 and a lot of spread damage

I’ll farm slaughter shaft most of the time, sometimes the 3000 arena. My element is fire for the damage reduction from one with nature. I use Rowans sometimes, but unless a target is by themselves it’s a huge DPS loss from Projectile Recursion.

And that’s why… I just explained above why it would have to be shock to fully take advantage. 16% fire damage isn’t doing anything against flesh which has much bigger health bars than shields (usually 3x-4x Health values than the shield) 16% shock doing 250% damage extra is more than enough to take out shields instantly which have much smaller health bars than health

No I get that, it’s 250% damage for shock weapon on a shield. But in all the testing I’ve done, even just putting one point into it with any combination of action skill element on any combination of enemy type, it is a loss in dps for me. For me, it’s better to either switch weapon type or if it’s maliwan to switch alt fire. Plus I get the full heal from my damage. I still use Forceful Expression, but that is bonus damage, not converted damage. And it also can proc a DOT.

It’s literally statistically impossible to be a loss of dps in some situations but you “tested it” so fair enough no point in arguing

How is it statistically impossible? Pick one enemy type Health/Armor/Shield and then shoot at it with your preferred weapon with and without infusion. You’ll see that the number being converted is the base number and thus are losing damage via a non elemental bonus. And if the weapon and action skill element are the same element then it is a mute issue and you are just losing out on healing and any potential DOT. Which can range from weak DOT to 10-15k Maliwan DOT.

Do you know what DPS means?

Take an enemy with full health and full shield and tell me how long it takes to drop it with a fire weapon using 16% shock infusion compared to how long it takes to swap to a shock weapon, burn the shield then swap back to a fire weapon to finish off his health

The time it takes on each that’s what dps is not how much your bullet value is when firing infusion vs non infusion

And then again factoring a gun like Rowan’s which is pretty much the beat gun for Amara with ties that bind and indiscriminate and all those enemies already have their shields drop and taking flesh damage about to die as well while your still swapping to a fire weapon

DPS is damage per seconds the time a takes you to switch to a weapon or alt fire continuously shooting with infusion

It will take some seconds to switch weapons or change the fire mode where as if you are continuously shooting it takes no time so then you have to see how much damage you are missing out on while you’re switching to a different weapon or different firing mode

That is how you will find the true DPS with infusion versus none infusion

Edit note hope I didn’t mess anything up used talk to text

I can use Indiscriminate, Ties that bind and have my Projectile Recursion on corrosive with a fire action element and one shot a group of hardened bad asses and anointed. So really it’s a mute point.

Long story short 1 or 2 points in infusion is all you truly need

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THANK YOU! Someone gets it. Like literally how hard is it to Understand that.