Is Amaras Sustainment Skill Bugged?

When using Amaras Sustainment which is supposed to steal health on elemental damage done by weapons it only seems to be doing the 20% health steal on the DOT effect from elemental weapons which is a insignificant health return. From the description stating that it should be stealing 20% of all elemental damage done by weapons when using skills like Infusion and Forceful Expression those skills will add elemental damage to even kinetic weapons but when I test them out I get zero health return despite the fact that my weapons are doing elemental damage. Even elemental weapons dont work for Sustainment with Infusion or Forceful expressions only the damage over time of an elemental weapon seems to get a health steal. So is this intentional or is this a bug ?


Update. Well I restarted my game and Sustainment seems to be working properly now when being used with an elemental weapon atleast I am getting a heal on the weapons initial shot and not just the dot. But still no heal when using a non elemental weapon but using Infusion and Forceful Expression.


I had the same issue. I think it’s not designed to heal you for the converted damage or the bonus elemental damage for non-elemental weapons. It is odd though, that I believe your melee attacks WILL heal you, if you convert your melee damage to elemental.

I will agree though, that the tooltip is misleading. I was pretty frustrated when I finally unlocked the skill, and wasn’t healing when using all of my weapons-- I had to switch to an elemental weapon to heal.

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It’s either bugged or kind of sucky if it doesn’t work with infusion damage, in that infusion will lower the amount you steal. Given the description on Deep Well specifies elemental weapons I think (hope) it’s a bug.

If that’s the case, yet another bug to add to the growing list of bugs with Borderlands 3.

Yeah really hoping it’s a bug because if not it’s a very misleading description as it doesnt state it having to be a elemental weapon specifically. I would hate not being able to use an entire weapon manufacturer especially one that is so good in this game.

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Can someone confirm that melee can heal?

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I’m positive they were healing me when I first unlocked Sustainment, because I had no health regen yet-- and when I hit enemies, I’d heal for 3-6 HP or around that.

I’m not as sure now, becasue when you kill enemies fast enough-- there are health packs lying around on the ground, so it’s possible sometimes when my HP shoots up-- it’s because of that, not because I healed from melee’ing.

Melee was healing me last night. Haven’t checked today. Switched over to using Samsara for healing, planning on dumping sustainment soon as it’s currently junk.

I was thinking about trying Samsara too since Sustainment has definitely been a let down but I heard It doesn’t work with Phasegrasp since technically it doesnt do any damage itself.

The Fist Over Matter modifier for Phasegrasp deals damage so that one can trigger Samsara. It seems one of the easier ways to quickly build Samsara stacks, but you need to get 20 points into the Fist of the Elements tree to get it, so if you want to flesh out Mystical Assault and Brawler you’re going to be short somewhere.

Yup, Fist Over Matter is pretty ridiculous with ridiculous with Samsara. Its kind of a pity as I was enjoying an Eternal Fist based play style. But repeatedly swapping mid combat is too tedious, so FOM it is.

Samsara is pretty silly really. Sustainment could be all elemental damage, at 40% and it still probably wouldn’t be as good.

I hate to say it, but the devs write crappy tooltips and use hidden mechanics. They write them in ways that can have multiple different interpretations and they don’t even seem to realize that they’re doing it.

Also look at Conflux. How much damage would you expect the extra triggered dots to make? I’d assume they’d be copies of the dot that triggered them, but with a new element, but nope. They have their own hidden values, just like many skills don’t show their range.

This is exactly what I feared would happen. I would base my class choice on skill trees that have badly written descriptions, and I’ll end up regretting my class choice. I’m now level 50 and this did indeed happen.

I also hate with a passion when they use crap such as “for a few seconds” to describe effects without listing a duration. Since they use this same description for skills that last 5 seconds as well as 20 seconds, there’s no way to know the duration of these effects. Just type out the damn duration instead of using these vague Blizzard-like descriptions.


Samsara would be good if it actually worked as the skill has listed. From my testing 5 stacks with 3 points doesn’t not grant anywhere near 25% max health per second.

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Something very weird going on with healing skills. I need to capture footage and go through it but it seems like what triggers each skill and how much they do seems completely inconsistent with the tool tips.

Ironically I think my initial asesment of Samsara being good might have been because sustainment triggered on action skill.


Yeah I haven’t tested sustainment (still salty the legendary coms that are actually designed for the fist of the elements tree are complete garbage so haven’t gone down it at all when that was originally the plan for my non melee build) but soul sap atleast seems to work as intended. Downside to soulsap it’s similiar to sweet release for maya in that you don’t gain health instantly but the orbs travel towards you and I think in certain situations they can prevented from getting to you and you don’t recieve th healing. If sustainment travels in orbs instead of instaheals then sigh

Soul Sap also has its issues when playing with Moze. Moze can reserve her health down to 60% (and with items all the way down to 1 hp) and the game will think that she needs healing, and all the Soul Sap heals go to her and be completely wasted even though I’m the one needing them.

Sustainment is instant. But the overall healing from it is quite lacking compared to Soul Sap. So, both skills have their ups and downs.

So far the only way I have been able to get any meaningful healing out of Sustainment is with a Maliwan or elemental Torgue shotgun doing massive elemental damage. Everything else I have tested since originally posting this is pretty much useless. The disappointment that infusion doesnt count towards healing is huge because some of my legendary Jacobs weapons are amazing and I would love to be able to heal while using them.

It looks like you can’t heal from melee too.