Is ammo regen bugged?

So I’m using a Kyb’s Worth x3 and with all my skills the mag size is 84. Normally my ammo regen keeps it pretty high but in certain circumstances it can get lower. I noticed that I got very near to running out (getting the reload prompt) but it appears to be stuck at 17. I can fire and it goes down and the ammo regen takes it back up to 17 immediately but it will never go over 17. Of course I was able to fix it with a reload but with a Blast Master that isn’t ideal.

Not sure if this is the first time this happened or if it’s just the first time I noticed it. Curious if others have seen behavior like this? I’ll have to pay closer attention to see if this is a trend.

Your backpack is full you can’t regen over max total capacity.


Oh I didn’t even think of that. Good call. That’s an odd thing to have happen.

You can use this behavior to get the most out of “Click Click” coupled with “Forge” or other ammo regen skills. So try to shoot down your magazine to a minimum, then buy ammo to top it off . That stops the regeneration. Now you have an almost empty magazine for the “Click Click” bonus and still benefit from the high ammo regeneration that is based on the max magazine size.

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