Is any of this stuff actually in Arms Race?

I haven’t bought the Designer’s Cut yet, but since the Arms Race mode’s main focus is gameplay and not plot, I’ve watched some gameplays and took a stroll through the wiki.

Under the section “new enemies”, I saw this:

Slagged enemies? Elemental spiderants? Brokus22? I haven’t seen this stuff mentioned or captured anywhere! Could anyone confirm it, please?

I’m especially interested since I’ve read some (dubious) reports that the wiki also says that threshers will be in the Director’s Cut. If this stuff is wrong, it further takes away from the credibility of the last claim as well.

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I have not seen slagged enemies nor this Brokus22 feller. Nor threshers heh.

I think it’s just the wiki being the wiki, meaning there are bits of wrong info scattered here and there. The only hat I can think of that someone might have pulled this stuff out of was that someone going on a datamining dive and found some references in the files to these enemies, but they were enemies that were ultimately scrapped before release.

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I guess you’re probably right. Although I’m surprised to see stuff on the wiki which doesn’t seem to be a simple misconception, but basically totally made up.

I’m not. It’s been that way for years. Someone will go along and fix the misinformation, and it quickly gets reverted back. Most of the regulars here during BL1 and BL2 simply gave up trying to keep it straight.


Understood. I guess I won’t be let down by not seeing these things in the final product, now.

Exactly, it’s weirdly specific (especially Brokus22) and that’s why I’m kinda thinking it was possibly some unused stuff someone saw in the files. But sadly, some people are weird and just lie and make up stuff as easily as most people breathe heh.

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