Is anybody else noticing a damage drop off at lvl 53?

Just tried the Takedown with a newly farmed Carrier/Green Monster bullet multiplication build. Struggled a bit more than usual getting to Wotan.

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Quite the opposite, actually. And I’m still farming for better mods and relics.

Is your entire build optimized, like it would’ve been at level 50?

If all your gear isn’t max level and with great/perfect rolls, that level 53 gun won’t do as well as when you were level 50 with perfect rolls.

I have a lvl 53 anointed Carrier (got lucky in the Slaughter Shaft), class mod, shield, and artifact. It is a no-heal/no-nade bullet multiplication build; used to make it to Wotan without getting downed, but now I go into FFYL 3-4 times on the way. Haven’t managed to solo Wotan yet either.

Hmm. Checking modifiers?

I haven’t noticed anything being more difficult and I still have all level 50 gear. I haven’t played much yet though, just enough to reach level 53 and then restart tvhm and almost at katagawa. So nothing crazy difficult yet.

Not sure if this has to do with what your experiencing, but it seems like Means of Destruction isn’t putting ammo in the magazine anymore. I’m only getting grenades back.