Is anybody having a problem getting Broken Hearts event to work?

I thought i could that new level 72 sniper rifle but its not letting me enable the event. I can get the other 2 working but the Broken hearts one is not enabling for some reason. Is anyone else having an issue on this or am i not doing something right.

I can now conferm that it is not working when i enable it. I did the last broken hearts event back in Feb but why can’t i start it over again?
If these events can be played again why am i locked out of the broken hearts one. Makes no sense.

Works alright for me. When enabled at the events toggle at the second start menu when I play the game some foes are accompanied by balloon hearts of various colours.
Maurice makes various comments when hearts are broken and at incremental totals an advisory message pops up.
I played one of the circle of slaughters with it enabled and the ground was littered with sniper rifles and smg’s, afterwards.

Well its not working for me at all. I can get the message to display but nothing in the background in the game that tells me that its on.
I had to send Epic a e-mail about it. Doubt ill get anything back from them.
Just another blunder from GB on a game that should have been tested more before they released a patch. Now i can’t play the content at all except for bloody harvest and the cartels.

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have you talked to maurice?


There is no unique background in main menu for BHD, and hearts can’t spawn in some areas for some reason (the same for other events).

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You know it’s activated when Maurice wears a headband. Other than that you have to search for foes accompanied by hearts in the galaxy. Not all areas will spawn heart balloons.


It’s best to stick to non-DLC areas in my opinion. I always find that’s the easiest way to kick off any of the events. Pick somewhere with a lot of enemies too, like the entrance to Carnivora.

You will occasionally see a heart floating through the background on the main game menu, but it is infrequent and easily missed. As the others have said, visiting Maurice is the best way to check.

As far as places to find hearts: again to reiterate that they are random, and seem to vary in density based on the composition of the mobs that spawn. Generally, I’ve had no problem finding them on Eden-6 and Pandora. @Gorbles suggestion is good, to which I’d add Devil’s Razor and Konrad’s Hold. On Eden-6, I did well with Ambermire and Voracious Canopy.

Good luck!

He does have a headband but no missions to activate from. I did do the last event and it worked fine but now all those rewards are already unlocked and theres no way to do them over again.

I have mission not activating.

I did some further testing and did the advice of what others have said on here and to my amazement it does work. I thought i would see a heart floating around in the main menu of the game but it didn’t show. So i enabled it and went to a few places with alot of enemies and the hearts started to show.
Thanks for the replies on this.