Is anyone after Anointed Level Gear - Need to clean house

I spent most of yesterday cleaning out bank and mules. Gave tons of gear away, did some great trades as well.

Over time i have acquired a ton of level one gear i had forgotten was on a mule. When i get this stuff i just store it for later just in case.

Is there a need for this stuff and is there anyone looking for level one gear. I have a lot more then this, this is just the surface

I am also wondering what level 1 or low level gear even has a use at level 50?

Infinity - when a Thieving jabber drops a barrel you can shoot the barrel with it to get a huge amount of money.

Stop Gap - I think there’s a Moze build that can use one to be literally (not figuratively) immortal.

EDIT: Also It’s Piss - since you aren’t using it for direct damage, the level is irrelevant.

Speaking of which, if you happen to have a low-level It’s Piss with a good anointment (on grenade throw Dmg buff or ASE Dmg buff) I would definitely be interested

Yep, low level stop gap + loaded dice with either the com or the artifact that has health Regen. Permanently invincible. Only thing that can kill you is barrels for some reason and self splash damage.

What about the Rough Rider. I have been told that the rough rifer + Infiltrator build for Zane doesn’t work as it was built to. Something about to get all the actual buffs you need a shield with just a little shield rather than no shield since your dam is based on loss, … Not sure, he explained it much better

Rough Rider works at level 1 too, you’re right.

I played infiltrator Zane for a while and I thought RR worked with it, but never actually tested in a controlled way.