Is anyone else angry about the"EXCLUSIVE" gold skins?

It’s pretty irritating that we pre-ordered and were promised “exclusive” gold skins that are now available for anyone to purchase? I’ve been avidly supporting this game through thick and thin and it feels like the experience is being cheapened by another money grabbing tactic. What was the point in pre-ordering something that took a huge price drop and now the skins that I thought were unique to have are now available to everyone???

What does exclusive mean to gearbox??? Instead of recycling something that was promised as a reward for support to get money why not add more new content instead of pissing off good customers, that were loyal from day one???

First Born??? What does that mean Gearbox…Everyone of us that bought the pre-order, digital deluxe version of your product, Who thought that we were in fact going to have “exclusive content” that No one else would have;which,is exactly what the tag on the product promised to us…is now void of meaning due to the fact that your company uses poor advertising gimmicks, and changes content that “loyal” fans of this game asked and in fact begged you guys NOT to do. So let me ask is it our fault that your company is taking a downward spiral??? NO…it is NOT so if in fact, you want to take away exclusivity from someone DO NOT make us your loyal fanbase the ones that must suffer, make 2k advertising employees be the ones who take the fall!!! I ask for the last time that you PLEASE do not take away our exclusive content, us the ones who stayed up for 5 hours downloading the Beta, Us the ones that paid close to 90 dollars to have “EXCLUSIVE” skins that no one else BESIDES the first born should have, and Us loyal fans from the beginning up until this, the ones who shunned Overwatch to play Battleborn…a game that was a Million times better because of its streak of originality.


I’m fine with this.
Though “First Born” skins would be pretty banging! :sparkles:

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If I actually liked the gold skins I’d probably care. I’m not crazy about any of the tier 1 skins where everything on the character is the same color, which is most of them.


Just in case

I got them and the Label but don’t use either.

For those that pre-ordered Borderlands 2 they got a few extra guns they could start the game with, a relic, a grenade mod and some skins/heads. They had these items exclusively for a period until at some later date they were released to the public in a purchasable pack. Basically it’s a timed exclusive.

This is the same sort of thing. Some people are going to be able to buy the skins for a certain value while we got them before anyone else as free extras. Some we got for pre-ordering. Some we got with the Digital Deluxe Edition. Some we got for beating a challenge in the Open Beta. One we got for playing Battleborn Tap. Some we got in a recent SHiFT code. We didn’t have to pay for any of these and we got them before anyone else.

I’m fine with this. I always hated the idea of being denied something because I didn’t log in on some specific date or couldn’t meet some other arbitrary criteria. We get it now and for free and for a set time they are exclusive to us. It doesn’t bother me if people get them at a later date. I didn’t have to pay for mine and I got to have it to myself even if it was just for a little while.


Well, I don´t see any goldskins on the marketplace (XB1).

I came across 3 other topics lately with players who had a bug showing goldskins on the marketplace while some of their exclusive skins got locket - I really think its a nasty bug.
And in case its just a bug in the interface theres no need to feel ripped off. I doubt they´ll sell them, there are enough other characters with goldskins they could sell instead or give us Shift-codes for.

PS: The image you uploaded is not working…

Might be a bug, but even if it isn’t, I couldn’t care less.

I didn’t have to pay extra for them, and had the use of them all this time (not that I like most of them anyway).

I think its best to have some evidence if its a bug or a update for the marketplace. The interface has often bugs and I think its best to look into that.
If GBX really offer them on the marketplace for platinum this discussion can go on, but if its an interface bug this seems a bit pointless and even unfair towards GBX.

So, people, what is going on on your marketplaces? On mine everything is as usual (T2 skins + taunts, nothing new)

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That’s not quite proof. The preorder bonus ad says “exclusive in-game title and golden character skins”. It’s a bit of syntactical ambiguity (because English is awesome like that /sarc). You’re interpreting the exclusive descriptor as if it applies to both the title and skins whereas they devs, apparently, meant it a different way.

The title is exclusive; the skins are not.

[quote=“Ganjamira, post:7, topic:1539859, full:true”]Well, I don´t see any goldskins on the marketplace (XB1).

I just checked and, on PC, the gold skins are available to purchase for 230 platinum each. I asked my friends (who are also all PC), and they responded that the gold skins are available for purchase by them as well. Those of them that had the gold skins already still have theirs.

It might just be a delay/problem in having those skins on the console networks.

It states exclusive gold regalia. I thought that at first as well.

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Gearbox may be planning on adding the other gold and cyber skins to the marketplace down the line so people who missed out on the other events can still get them. I’m glad I got them all as freebies so far. I’m hoping that the rest will still be given out during events and such so that I can get them all as freebies. If people don’t want to wait and buy them up front that’s up to them. Either way I’ll get them when I get them.

As for the marketplace it seems to be a bit buggy when they try to add new things to it. Some people get to see things before they go live. The locking people out of skins they already have is most certainly a bug and hopefully it gets snuffed out so those players can enjoy the skins they already own.

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Just checked this out and I don’t see the gold or cyber skins in the marketplace at all.

That could be, sometimes PC gets updates faster, sometimes consoles are first, I´ll restart the game a few times to check.

Well then, if its no bug - feel free to discuss this issue.

Yeah. :anguished: I seem to have missed the “exclusive gold regalia part” earlier on which would, contextually, explain the syntactical ambiguity immediately after. Mah bad.

Still, it seems like the devs are potentially implementing it that way: exclusive title and free gold skins instead of exclusive gold skins (the gold skins were exclusive for a bit though…).

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They’re on both the marketplace and on the character appearance tab for me.

Now I´m really confused O.o Maybe they go online for all soon, or its a quiet often occuring bug…

Maybe it has to do with which server you’re connected to (maybe some of the servers got the update but others didn’t)?

I’m in Texas. What about you guys?

BC, Canada.

Europe, Germany.

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