Is anyone else experiencing this bug?

It’s strange… Is anyone else having this bug where the bank only has 50 weapon slots? Surely this must be a bug considering there are over 120 legendary items…

Does anyone know how to solve this bug?

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It is not a bug it is the limit. There are around 200 Legendary Items. Gearbox is looking into expanding or solving the storage problem but it may not be the next couple of patches.

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Oh, so design intent was to create a game of the genre loot and shoot with apparently over a billion different combinations of weapon configurations but we can only store a maximum of 90 including backpack space?

Design intent… got it. It all makes sense now.

Do tell?


Bank space is mentioned as being looked at amongst alot of other things.

Don’t feed the trolls. Lol

There’s already a thread for petitioning for more bank space. This one is not needed. Closed since the question is already answered.