Is anyone else having a MASSIVE problem withe the season pass?

Hidi Ho !

I got the Season Pass along with the Game itself RIGHT AFTER it came out. I got all the sweet things it offers like playing a week early or the Hero Key and, of course, the emblem “Season Pass Holder”. So now with Battleplan #10 a new Gold Skin for Alani and a Cyber Skin fot Toby got out.

First, I just did not get the Skins and I told myself “Just some kind of Delay, relax”. But I just noticed that I do not even have “Season Pass Holder” anymore ! And I cannot buy the Pass again, because I already own it… but in the same Time it is like I would’ve never owned it.

Is anyone out there having the same Problem? Maybe a Solution even?

Thanks Everyone!!

Mr Hopex

Are you on XB1 by any chance? There was a bug/glitch at some point, and more than a few folks posted that they were missing season pass stuff all of a sudden. Best bet is simply to file a support ticket.

First off: what system are you on?

Secondly: Did you reinstall the game at some point? If yes, then it could be that the Season Pass didn’t install alongside the base game. This happens sometimes with Steam. Just check whether the Season Pass DLC is activated/downloaded.

If not, then a report is the best thing you can do. GBX is pretty quick with those.

Yes, I am on XB1. And yes, I did reinstall the Game but only AFTER this happened.

I just hope, the Support can help. Because this was not the only Bug/Glitch ruining the Game. For example… I did complete all Lore Challenges for Ghalt and the last one just did not count. Many Things are going wrong in this Game…
Then I only played Phoebe for like 2 Games and got “Master of Phoebe” with like Rank 4. LoL…

But I still love it :smiley:

Thanks for the Replies ^^