Is anyone else having issues with SHIFT Codes not working right?

Just wondering if I’m the only one having issues with these things.
Just tried the code released for 5 golden keys that expires on 10/28 and nothing. If I do it on my Xbox through the “social” and “shift” menu I get an error that says something is wrong, despite the code being entered correctly. Then I’ve tried it via the BL/Shift webpage which is linked to my xbox account…and nothing there either. I can spend VIP points and buy new character heads and guns without issues. But I enter the shift code and boom it says it works and that the code will be in my inbox. But I get nothing at all same shift code for 5 keys expiring on 10/28. So I’m trying to figure out what is going on here and if I’m the only one having issues. Its baffling as from the webpage VIP codes etc work fine and I can get loot from them just fine…but no golden keys.

The code for 5 keys was for BL2 or TPS. For BL3 codes are for 1 key and last around 12 hours.
Make sure you are using BL3 code.

Oh ■■■■ it was. However it happened with the BL3 code Randy Pitchford posted for the rate spawn week as well. So its throwing me off. I’ve literally got 2 keys from the 5 keys I got after release day. Not one code has worked for me yet.

I’ve been waiting for this issue to be resolved, so haven’t jumped into the discussion until now (January 3). The “permanent” BL3 codes I entered on the Gearbox website last Fall have not yet shown up in the game. Also, contemporary codes clearly marked as BL3 are showing up in my BL2 game. Why are the codes mis-marked?