Is anyone else having stability problems today?

Twice today, the game has crashed when Matchmaking in Bots Battle but this is the first time ever that Battleborn has crashed on me so would appreciate knowing if this only happening to me or if others are having the same problems :slight_smile:?

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Blue screen game crashed entire party in lobby dropped 3 times in 2 hours so far today.

Battieborn has been SUPER SKETCHY LATELY.


Not you. Lost connection several times, laggy a lot, and BB has also crashed 5 or 6 times.

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Thank you for the replies everyone, it’s great to know that it’s not just me that is experiencing problems :slight_smile:.

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Servers and program crashings have been sketchy as hell since Winter Update but outright BAD these last few days!

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We’ve noticed this too and are investigating.


Reads title and nothing else.

Well, i’m ALWAYS unstable, but yeah, the last few days have been worse than usual. I keep slipping up with the RP-related Toby comnents in real life…

Just yesterday, i said “don’t worry, i’ll keep my beak shut.” after my dad shared some sensitive information, and it elicited a raised eyebrow from him; i played it off as a “figure of speech”…

I’m also starting to get WAY too easily triggered and apologetic. Now i’m just waiting until my mind finally breaks, and i start wondering why i don’t have flippers, and am 6’4" tall instead of roughly 3’ tall… I also wonder if whatever nut-house i end up getting sent to for building a death machine will have ever had a patient who adamantly believed that they were a talking, penguin-like alien…

EDIT: The day BEFORE yesterday, sorry.


Yep got dropped a couple times today on Xbox.

Can’t connect it’s done 100%

Looks at gif.

Damn it, now i’m even starting to SPEAK penguin! That… Surprisingly attractive female -is telling Jim Carry to “slide”, for those of you who can’t speak penguin.

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That may be jumping the gun a bit. I was worried on Friday when everything was down for hours but it was back and running eventually.

Ah I exited the game and restarted and that did the trick. It was saying “Lobby Creation Failed”. May of been a hiccup in the communication to the servers and my internet.

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Jim Carrey was not in Fight Club, Toby.

That’s Edward Norton.

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I thought meatloaf was the star of that movie. What is this thread about again?

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No, Jared Leto.


No now your thinking of American psycho.
Maybe we should move this to the pop culture reference section?

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Huh… I thought it was that stupid movie about Jim Carry and the penguins… WHICH I’M NOT ONE OF, BY THE WAY!!

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Bonham Carter was the star. It’s all about Marla.

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The stability problems have returned :cry:, this time I was in the Dojo and experimenting with a new Marquis build when the game just upped and crashed for no reason :(. I really hope these problems will be sorted with the next patch as they’re killing my enjoyment of this game :disappointed:.

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