Is anyone else having trouble getting on to the VIP website?

I was trying to get my 8th tick for the maliwan weapon on the VIP page so I logged out and cleared my cache. When I tried to go back to the VIP page I now get a 404 error message!?
Anyone else have this problem?

Yeah just get 404 too, firefox, chrome, samsung on phone all the same.

There is a workaround… Not ideal but if you get opera browser (android) and put it on incognito mode(ahem) it’s all there…

Nah still not working very odd.

Is opera set on VPN mode? I’m not sure if the problem is confined to specific areas. But yeah it is weird…

Yeah both firefox, chrome both set to vpn doesn’t work, I’ve even just booted up ie (shudders) and still get the same.

odd that phone doesn’t connect either.

I tried it off Xbox edge too… No joy there…

Got to be something up with site then as all of them failing to load

can confirm same issue my end

So I’m not sure where I should be writing this, but I’ve seen some posts on here about the VIP site…so here I go.
I’ve tried on this device, and another, to get on to the VIP site. I’ve even restarted them and tried again. However, it keeps coming up with “404 Not Found”…I’m not sure how I can get around this to type in any SHiFT codes and VIP codes I wish to enter. SHiFT I guess is fairly easy, as I can just get on the game and type them that way, but as for everything else…I’m not sure. Please help?

Thank you, I appreciate your help :blush:

if you have an adblocker running try disabling for the site. i know that is one thing that can cause issues on that page. pretty sure the site devs made a comment about it (pinned somewhere on the page) and it possibly affecting the UI experience. thought id mention that. if its useless info and doesnt work im sorry and hope you can get your points stacking up soon :upside_down_face::money_mouth_face:

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Thank you, I unfortunately don’t have ad block, but that is very useful information nonetheless. I will keep it in mind. Thank you for your help :blush:

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Which is odd cos I can access VIP on opera but only on private mode with the VPN turned on and I think it runs an adblocker too… Go figure…

It’s 1:02 PM Pacific time and I just now got the site to load, no problem.

It’s come back on my phone too… Hurrah!

Maybe try resetting your cookies or something? It seems to be working for myself.

It seems it was the website having the problem… Looks like it’s all sorted now…