Is anyone else *praying* for a mailwan multiverse pack to drop alongside one of the next vault cards?

Seems strange to me that gearbox would come up with such an interesting idea only to release just two. It’d be a dream come true to be able to suit up my Zane with a badass trooper tactical poncho! One could argue we already have maliwan-themed heads but certainly not custom skins. They should do a multiverse pack for each major enemy faction…

Pfffft, “Mailwan”


They need to look into other issues besides the next vault card. It would be nice to see another card but the issues need to take center stage first.

I second this.
Gearbox please focus on quality improvements.
The game came out with attention to detail but nowdays with the new additions it really feels like the addins, extra content was added by someone who really doesn’t know what they would break/change with adding in stuff.

So please, take your time and hunt bugs and fix them.


They really need to. Will they do that? I hope so or i will not be buying there next game at all. GB is starting to look like EA in my view. EA went from game to game with the C and C series. I hope and pray they will not drop support before fixing the bugs and buffing the guns that need a buff and other issues that they missed. If they do then i’ll be spending my cash on other games and skip on there “tina” game altogether.

I’m really hoping so. Not patching the game now and leaving in its current state is probably the worst idea since it has much more bugs then the first days. I’m not talking about x skill not doing the exact amount of damage/stuff it has. I really don’t care if some calculation is not exact but:
-UI issues (Backpack icon on PC, can’t equip weapon trinkets, skill preview issues)
-Character FPS mode animation bugs (my latest find is that on skywell the jump animation is bugged a weird stutter can be observed with the characters arm/weapon when you jump)
-Typhon deleon animation bug during late game
-FL4k active skills not firing when you try to use them
-Low res alternative skins
-Missing vendor “weapon of the day” preview when you are close to the machines (it only works for the first time when you boot up the game and then as you progress it won’t work)

And yeah, the list goes on…Gearbox!!! I’m pretty sure you can correct these issues!

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I m praying for a Pizza Multiverse pack

Contentwise I think we are ok.