Is anyone elses entire system crashing?

ive had my pc 3-4 years and never had a bluescreen but now with BL3 i have had at least 15 blue screens. is this happening to anyone else or am i just unlucky?

this game is demanding, if you’re getting blue screens it’s a hardware failure, I would start with lowering overclocks if you have any or bumping up voltage. if it’s still happening I would look into the power supply. games/programs can’t really cause a blue screen, they can however stress hardware in such a way that there is a BSOD/restart/lockup etc.

i dont overclock and how would i bump up my voltage? i remember that my power supply was still around 50% above what i needed a year or so ago. also, i spent 20h playing at launch and only had 2 crashes to the desktop so why all of a sudden did this start to happen?