Is anyone else's lost loot box not working?

So as you can tell my drop box/lost loot box doesn’t seem to be working. Not sure when exactly it stopped working but for the last 3 days it has been empty each time I go back to sanctuary, anyone else having this problem?

Mine worked a minute ago (PC here).

It only works on co-operation, if you’re on co-opetition it will not do anything


Ah that must be it, changed it afew day ago and forgot to change it back, thanks :blush::+1:

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interesting. I was just going to start a post asking if anyone has ever got anything good from the claim lost loot. mine just claims trash.

Picked up an anointed Heartbreaker I actually missed. And a slow hand.

I’ve got a few good things from it, its handy for when I’m my inventory is full and I dont want to drop anything.
Always legendarys, but that’s cause I play on m4 and mostly boss farming and I leave alot of legendaries on the floor :sweat_smile:

It’s nice when the legendaries fall through the floor! Found a bunch from the Fabricator the other night.


That’s precisely why it is bad that it sucks up garbage. unless you check it often there will be no room in it for the legs
edit unless it dumps the garbage to allow room for legs. that may be it. when I see full I think it cant add anything more

I think it goes by weapon score, so from my experience how I think it works, is when it’s full it removes the weapons with a lower score for ones that are higher
Atleast that’s how I believe it should work ?
I know it does swap weapons out when full but not sure on the programming

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I believe it may be by item rarity but I’m not 100% certain.

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I have had exactly the same issue with my FL4K character & check my settings, all four of my characters had ticked Cooperation where loot is mine. Yet on FL4K it some how from yesterday went to Coopetition, since BL1 I’ve never used this setting, must be Gremlins. Arise you to check yours ASAP. :sunglasses:

It goes by rarity. First-in-first-out. If it’s full of 11 purple cosmetics, it’s not going to get anything else until you leave a legendary for it to pick up. After that, it’ll replace the purples with legendaries as it picks them up. Once it’s full of legendaries, the contents won’t change, regardless of what drops. So I’d recommend unloading it and just dropping/selling the contents on a regular basis, as it could be full of 11 Siren’s Marks, but the weapon you wanted it to get just fell through the floor.


If that is the case then it’s a bad design as you can get some blue/ purple weapons that are better than legendaries, it just makes sense to me to use the weapon score.
For example, once I got a Jacob’s purple sniper with a weapon score of 611 in the lost loot the rest were all legendaries with a lower score but it also might have been the case that I just happened to have space for 1 purple :sweat_smile: