Is anyone else's rath mastery bugged?

My info page saids im 100% with lore and lvl and i have played a match and won at lvl 15 with him but when i go into my challenges it saids that i am missing 1 of my lore challenges but when i go to the lore page they are all unlocked i dont get it lol

This is your third post about this. Please stop

No there is only 2 1 in general and 1 on the charater him self maybe if i got some help instead of hate maybe i would not need 2 post but i think 2 isnt bad at all and seriously i post 2 posts and i have half the damn blog bitching at me lol yall need something better to do with your time

Im sorry im not meaning to be rude but seriously didnt need the whole forum telling me the same thing maybe if gearbox could make a game without so many damn glitches in it i wouldnt have to post here would i and they come of with hot patches and they focus on nerfing character istead of fixing the characters masteries cause eerysingle pne looks bugged, the legendary item you get from mastery is blacked out and the item its self is out side of the boarders of the picture. Am i yhe only peraon having this problem cause it sucks i have 100% mastery and i cant even get my rewards gg gearbox lol

Already have 2 topics on this

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