Is anyone hyped about the upcoming panel?

I get the feeling the community is somewhat asleep! I am beside myself waiting to hear if there is any Borderlands news. If there is not, sure I will be disappointed but in any case I am so pumped right now. Will we hear anything regarding the next expedition into the Borderlands or am I wrong to think the tech demo was an early teaser of what’s to come? Not long now!

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I’m cautiously optimistic, I think a lot of people are hoping for news but not expecting it. That’s probably why it’s a little quiet.

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Is the stream link ready? If yes, could you post it here so i can watch it as soon as the hour draws near

I was not expecting anything either, but all of a sudden we got a tech demo related to the next BL game. Coincidence? Maybe but I think there maybe something too it.



I am in the camp of the cautiously optimistic. I feel like a battleborn season 2 is incoming, maybe confirmation of the theory that they are a shared universe of sorts, tales from the borderlands season 2 and maybe…MAYBE some bl3 footage but nothing terribly solid just a short sizzle reel

I think none is expecting big footages of bl3. I expect even a short trailer and no gameplay too.

This is why jay is great! Him, bahroo, killer six and the late great yoteslaya are responsible for me delving much much MUCH further into borderlands than I ever thought possible

I think the reason it’s so silent is because people are not expecting miracles, since last pax panel was a disappointment for many.

I hope it will be good this time, especially with both Borderlands and Brothers in Arms description :smiley:

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I really hope so too

Has the panel started yet? It keeps saying the stream is offline

Definitely online. They started with the tech demo for an “upcoming game that’s unnanounced” (pretty much the same as the GDC tech demo) and now they’re talking about Battleborn.

Yeah I can see the chat with people still talking down on BattleBorn
Hopefully there’s news on more content for it

So, was the hype worth it?

Not at all, in my opinion

I wasn’t hyped. But that panel was terrible overall.
There was literally no new information.
Nothing on Battleborn (just some stats).
Nothing on Bulletstorm (we know everything already).
Nothing on Borderlands and Brothers in Arms (both of them were in description).
This was even worse than last year’s panel.
edit: just some random vr game was there. eh, majority of people still dont have vr.


Imo, worst panel ever

Ouch. I was stressing not being able to watch it, but now I don’t feel so bad.
I dodged a bullet.

Very disappointing though to have no new info to maintain hype in any o their major franchises.

Oh well.

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Only thing that could hype is that randy confirmed that the engine model showed in the tech demo belongs to something he couldn’t tell yet (bl3 i assume)

Yeah, but that is not new in any way. It was part of the tech demo Randy did a couple weeks ago. It already generated the hype which seemed to be stomped on with this Panel today. lol

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