Is anyone losing their items in their backpack due to glitches?

When playing DLC for Sir Hammerlock’s wedding, I noticed I have been losing items out of my backpack. I first lost the gun Sir Hammerlock gave me. Which I kept marked as favorite. It was the gun that would walk around shooting after a reload. Then I lost my emote for proposal when I left the heart room to travel to the lodge.

Very disappointing considering that boss was tedious and not very engaging.

This is probably another effect of the servers being down and not being able to have the hot fixes applied to your game which has happened to many of my weapons

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Make sense.

Is there a way to get the lost items back aside from playing the DLC all over again?

Since the items disappeared from your inventory it’s unlikely that you can get it from farming again since it requires the hot fixes so we will just have to wait until the servers are up again

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