Is anyone playing Battleborn?

I love this game but it literally takes 10-20 minutes to get a game.

What the hells going on?

EU by the way, and im not talking about odd hours…

I think it’s your Internet or something. I’m in England and it never takes me anywhere near that long

lol, people are still at work in EU, like me… it’s totally off-hour ( 1 PM).
You have to wait some hours for primetime.

Although i appreciate the feedback, its not my internet. I play a ■■■■ tonne of games, and it’s only BB that has this issue. Im pretty sure 100mb cable is enough for BB. :wink:

Last night it was 10 odd minutes at like 10pm, i can play pretty much any game on my steam list at those times and never wait.

Low playerbase.

That’s whats worrying me. :frowning:

Which system are you playing on?


Might be time to buy into something else i think. Pity, great game.

Same issue. Maybe the sale bring some changes. I don’t think so but the hope dies last!

Jesus. Check out CCU daily. :frowning:

Down to a peak of 3000…

Yup was gonna link that.

It is sad as BB is really really fun :frowning:

It’s not just fun, it’s a one of a kind. :frowning:

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I do hope that with a weekend long sale the number tick up.
Honestly I think a free weekend on steam would help too.

Its mostly isn’t even in the top list anymore

Yeh. If a sale and new character doesn’t help, wtf will. :frowning:

You can add me if you can’t find players to play with, since we all suffer from this.

same. discuit on steam, i have a warhammer dwarf in armour as my pic.

Let me guess, Vermintide?!