Is anyone pleased with the state of the game currently?

I mean is anyone? Because from my POV this is EASILY the worst the game has felt. Even nerf-ageddon wasn’t as awful feeling as this.


I’m fine with it currently.


Fair enough I guess. I don’t understand but; fair enough…

Not entirely happy the gearbox team seems incompetent tbh 4 or so hotfixes and a patch to fix moze and then they release a patch that undoes all of that work I’m just flawed that this is even possible


it almost feels like they have locked themselves up with this mayhem campaign and can not break free

they keep making legendary guns and shields and nades that are combination of other god damn legendaries and pushing these modifiers.

here is what i thought mayhem would be: a funny mode where nog’s can spawn with cov, or a goliath spawn in maliwan camp, a mix of sorts of factions to deliver what would almost be a randomizer for map runs to keep them fresh and down right funny sometimes.

what we got is hey this enemy is immortal before you do this and that and only then you can kill them, okay now you do less dmg on crit than body shots have fun. i do not know what this is, it goes against anything randy himself preaches for. 'we do not have fall damage, because is it fun? no" and that is true who wants fall dmg in looter shooter to limit verticality for no reason but if i asked same question about modifiers i wonder what the answer would be for utter most of them.


I don’t like idea to have different weapons drops on different Mayhem. It was way better in old Mayhem. Old Mayhem 4 should be equivalent to new Mayhem 8 (100% hp/shield/armor increase per Mayhem) then lets say 1600% on Mayhem 9 and 3000% on Mayhem 10.
So total output would be similar to what we have now, but you could still use your old guns in below Mayhems.



Except Traunt hasn’t dropped a Kao out of… 268 legendary pick ups :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I haven’t played much since Mayhem 2.0 removed Iron Bear from higher mayhem levels. My weapons are far too strong for low Mayhem levels and my action skill is too weak for high mayhem levels.

As a result I feel no motivation to play the game even though the event seems to be nice and all.


I think it was better before the mayhem 2.0 update, but most of the problems (only guns scaling, annoying mutators, bulletsponge enemies, janky drop rates, whack item balance) are fixable given time. Same old story.


that’s a fair point. It’s almost like the teams don’t even talk to each other


I like the game this why I play it so much, I think the new mayhem is good in principles, what is lacking is the execution. I am convinced that this game was released way too early and now we pay for bad unoptimized code and bugs piling up, evolutions of the game are painful for this reason. So I am pleased: yes and no


I’m just disappointed because I felt like balance was absolutely great before M 2.0 came along and jacked everything up. Sure you had absolutely ridiculous weapons, but you could also with some good anoints and synergies make pretty wack weapons work too. Sure you wouldn’t melt Wotan with them or anything but for everyday purposes you could get the job done and break the monotony of “meta” so to speak. Now it’s either top tier or GTFO and that has made a game that is pretty broken right now, also pretty boring right now too. One I could probably tolerate, both and I’ve already started playing another game this evening because it just wasn’t fun anymore :confused:


I mean it’s still possible to play at lower mayhem levels, mayhem 6 seems plenty manageable difficulty-wise without the current top-tier guns, but if you’re the perfectionist type of player who goes for the highest difficulty, then yeah, you’re probably gonna get bored.


I’ve said it multiple times but I have many builds i put together myself that were viable on m4 even takedown, save my brawler amara which became something else since it’s not viable on mayhem old mayhem 4 save white elephant build. These modifiers with the immunities among others are forcing you to reroll constantly or not use the char you want when you want. . I play with my girlfirend and we have to keep rerolling so we can both play., and that takes waaaayyy to much time. We could easily use cheese builds or cake builds, fakegrasping on our driver builds with recursion and the like. This stuff is seriously gamebreaking. I’m guessing alot of people that are upvoting these modifiers aren’t at endgame with nearly as many builds as i am and need to catch up on playtime or try to make their own creative builds which is severely limited with these modifiers in place. When they catch up then they will know exactly what is wrong with the current state of the game, by then it will be too late. People are already dropping like flies because of it. its obvious for me via my steam friends list. I’ve also stated it before that in the pc space multiplayer is littered with cheaters/ cheat engine users / people downloading savefiles/ modded weapons. I’m betting they are gonna be out in droves since they can circumvent these modifiers which are artificial difficulty at best.


Mobs are too tanky and I despise how some content like Villa Ultraviolet isn’t permanently available.

But it’s (besides some smaler issues here and there) in a good place. It could use more raids, it could use more content but I wouldn’t be saying that if I didn’t like the game.

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They should probably start advertising bl3 10 guns no more the rest are just hood ornaments we do have a bazillion of those mind you yup a bazillion hood ornaments so you can really pimp your ride in this first person shooter oh and btw vehicle combat sucks too


it’s like your best mate when he’s hammered you still like him but God damn that wanker kicking you in the nuts -.-


The game and the guns I like very much. Enjoying the Cartel event, too and the Villa design is gorgeous. But Mayhem 2.0 is putting a serious dent in my overall enjoyment. I don’t mind the modifiers like enemies getting more powerful when they are close to each other, but things like big heads, lava floors and Pool Party etc just really make it hard to like. And although you can reroll getting a combo you’re happy with takes time and even then you’ve probably got to go and respec your build to take advantage of it anyway. It’s all a massive pain in the arse to be frank and really saps my enthusiasm


I agree. I’ve been tempted to make a list of what modifiers breaks what build/action skill/ annointment/playstyle besides overall creativity with build making but i’m not on gearboxs payroll and been agitated for days with mayhem 2.0


Wait a minute, mayhem modifiers are saved I have a set for each character and I ve never touched them again. Is there people for who modifiers don t save?