Is Anyone Still Online for PS3? (Borderlands 2)

If you play Borderlands 2 Online add me. Im currently playing Zero Level 60 and have all the DLCs. Add my PSN: kinleydabeast . Just put BL2 in the subject so I know you’re adding me from here and feel free to put your own so other can add you as well. Lets get lootin’

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Hello I don’t play that much but I play as Zero level 57 PSN kickacedragon1

I’m currently play on ps4 but have a ps3 and saves from 5 years ago.Can help any way I can 1-72 and op levels.Psn id.Noble chillz

You can add me, im on quite often :slight_smile :slight_smile:
IGN: Hyperiontechmech

Hey there, i still play on ps3. My psn is necroangel22. I will need help getting my op levels back, if anyone is interested.

How can you get your OP levels back :neutral_face:

I just need someone that is op8 to speedrun me through digistruct peak.

Trayj1118 add me

You dont lose them, you can still use your OP8 gear it’s just level 80 and the card will reflect that once you level up to 80. At that point you will get the option to select OP level when you load into UVHM. You’ll want to farm up some good OP8 gear before you try for OP 9 and 10, but you dont need to rerun the Peak to re-earn your OP status. (If you understand that already I’m sorry, it just isn’t clear from the context of your post and that clarification can spare some amount of frustration/tedium if you don’t.) Also, does the level cap increase on PS3? I guessed that because you can’t get the new DLC on the older consoles that the cap wouldn’t go up either.

I’m currently on ps3 so i only have access to level 72/op8. And what i had said that had reset on me was my op8 upon finishing tvhm. I now have access to uvhm and had to buy level 72 weapons to have any equipment, as all the equipment in my backpack and bank are all op8 equipment from the people that had boosted me to op8.

I hope this was able to help clarify my vague initial post.

This is currently what it shows for all of my op8 equipment

So you where instant leveled buy a modder, the same thing happened to me on the PS4

Yes. I was overleveled by a modder. Also to keep everyone updated, i found another 1 and he was able to level me back to overpower 8.

This happened to me but in NVHM so I had to play without any gear through out TVHM, I had a magic misspelled level 71 though

Hey I might need some help because I had to buy a new PS3 and I have no way to take the files of my old one and transfer them I was like Zero 32 and had the good weapons like the bane, fast law and some high tier snipers btw my psn is Xero_Mortals

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how were you doing it because i think you need a USB to transfer saves

Hey everyone, I’m a lvl 43 commando with no dlc and fair gear… If anyone can help me with anything please add me. GamerTag: Big-Daddy-T-Boys