Is anyones game crashing much more frequently? [PS4]

Error CE-something
I get that when I fill a room with legendaries and use a recursion I run the risk of overloading the system.
But my game has been crashing recently from just opening my menu in sanctuary, or killing one boss. Anyone else? Also any suggestions?
Happens like once an hour, and Ive rebooted the system several times.
In comparison: I played the full FF7 remake through including side quests. Crashed once.



Yes usually when I open the menu it crashes. On PS4 as well. Tends to happen right after I fast travel from somewhere.

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Yup I traveled to Promethea, opened menu…Blue screen of death. This needs a fix

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Bl3 on my PS4 has crashed i think only once, after some maintenance all has been smooth. What you all need to do is power your PS4 into safe mode and rebuild the database.

It’s simple. From the off state just physically hold the power button on the PS4 (the button below the disc drive) for about 30 seconds. It will turn on, beep, load a little before triple beeping and shutting back down. Then just turn it on again and you will be in safe mode.
The OS says that rebuilding the database could take up to 30 minutes but that is a worst case scenario, which happens only if your PS4 is literally 1 hour’s usage away from melting into a puddle or bricking. Rebuilding the database will probably only take you a few minutes, or less, and should actually be done as frequently as possible to keep the console running nice and smoothly. The longer you go without rebuilding it, the longer that process takes, so it pays to actually do it every week. Frequent maintenance of the database keeps the process short and will keep micro-stuttering within games to a minimum, as well as prevent the PS4 from crashing. I recommend doing it after about every 50 hours of PS4 gaming.

Rebuild that database and those crashes should stop, in addition to the PS4 performing better.


Mine hasn’t crashed, but I’m getting a lot of lag spikes and the hotfix sign appears sometimes while I’m farming, and sometimes it doesn’t. Loot drops are also really inconsistent. Load times are longer too. Hit registration is also wonky.

I absolutely love this game, but it feels kind of broken right now.


Thanks! Will give this a try!

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Would like to also add @angotti81, sometimes clearing cache can be a quick fix as well. Just turn off PS4 and unplug it for 30 seconds and plug it back and go.

Sadly BL3 is the only game I have to do any of these steps for.

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Thanks! Thats what I’ve been trying, but still getting blue screen of death. Hopefully the database rebuild works

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Wow that took like a minute for Database rebuild! Fingers crossed for no more crashing!

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Still crashing…Maybe its cuz I have a vanilla PS4 not a Pro

Is that with Amara and TTB? Or using the reflux? Both those things have been crashing me a lot lately. Anything that adds a lot of new objects/calculations at the moment seems to tank to the FPS and risk a crash. That seems to include a lot of the M2.0 modifiers and cartel spawns - it’s just too much for the engine to handle I think.

I clear cache and rebuild database frequently but the problem comes back quickly.

Usually when I use the recursion. But lately even opening a menu crashes it sometimes. I had Amoch drop 2 Unseen threats (one was IB 125 fire), so I killed the other guys so I could check em out, bam Blue death… Really f’n tired of this

I have mostly been fine. I had one time in Cursehaven when the game started lagging (I’m single player) and I quit and restarted. Other than that I have been ok. Last couple of weeks has mostly been Amara and Moze M6 single player for me.

This might be the reason…My pro already gets quite loud when playing BL3, i can imagine that a launch PS4 must struggle a little. According to google, the PS5 will have PS4 backwards compatibility. So if you are on a budget, i recommend saving for one of those and forgetting about a pro (just in case you didn’t know).

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Thanks! That’s definitely helpful! Never had this problem with other games, but then again I know little about how the system works. At launch I’d get a crash like once every two weeks. Now it’s like every few hours, if not more while farming crowded areas.

Just did the whole takedown almost with another player. Right at Wotans split stage, Blue screen, essentially screwing the other player cause I was host. Unacceptable. Sent ticket to 2K

I had never done it in a year of owning my PS4…too 75 seconds…granted I don’t have a ton of games on my console so that’s probably why…

Don’t be scared of the time people it may be faster than you think!

Yeah that “up to 30 minutes” warning is wildly inaccurate. Rebuilding the database might only be a simple defragmentation, i’m not sure, it seems like the process does more than that. I think of it as basic maintenance; the more frequently it is done then the better the PS4 performs.

It’s true I haven’t had a ‘blue screen my since I did it…however in certain extreme situations the frame rate will drop so bad the game hard freezes and I have to close the application. Don’t think that’s a system issue tbh

That would be Sony scrimping on powerful hardware when they first started making PS4s, to keep their price down. I have played a few games that demand too much from the PS4 and cause problems.
Honestly i hope Sony have forgone the usual £350 launch price of the upcoming new playstation, and have designed the PS5 to be more powerful and properly up-to-date with it’s hardware. For a fair higher price than £350 ofc, i would happily pay £500 for a console that had proper, modern hardware.

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