Is Aurelia weak against fire?

Or am I crazy? I swear that fire lasers or weapons wreck me.

They wreck everybody, not just Aurelia.

All but clappy are flesh so they are weak to fire

durrr… of course! thanks

A loading screen says that “mind over matter” and Clappy does take equal fire damage to the other VHs. Is this not the case?

I heard in reality that “tip” is a total lie. there is a thread here or on the old forums where someone figured it out.

Nope. I wish I had a link to the video but someone tested this. They took off their shield, and removed all abilities. They grabbed 2 vladof grenades, one fire, one corrosive, other than that they were the exact same grenade. They then threw them on the ground and Claptrap resisted fire and took more damage from corrosive. To prove that fire was being resisted, they switched characters and repeated it, with the second character taking a lot more damage from the fire grenade.

And yes, almost every other character gets wrecked by fire DoT. That’s why I usually use adaptive shields.

Here you go:


Yep, fire DoTs hurt all human characters.

That’s why this beatiful thing here exists. It won’t make you take less fire damage, but it will prevent fire DoTs from happening.

Yeah, this video right here! Thanks for finding it.

I’ve been trying to find this thing forever…or something similar. lol… no luck. I’ve put her on the back burner for awhile. it isn’t fire as much as it is the fire DOT that get me.