Is Aurelia's Co-Op Tree Worth speccing into?

I’ve just about given up hope of ever finding steady co-op partners in TPS. Couldn’t even get any of my usual XBox buddies to pick up the Handsome Collection while it was in sale for Christmas. So while a few skills in that tree look interesting, there’s a lot that would probably go to waste. So, is what’s left worth spending points on, or would I be better served just sticking to The Huntress and Cold Money?

I like filling out those first two trees myself - her sniping action is noticeably different from Zer0’s, but still very entertaining. She’s got a skill in the third tree (top left? Forget the name) that I spec into, but that’s it. Nothing wrong with that.

‘Duchess’ and ‘Quality not Quantity’ are worth speccing into regardless of your build, especially at level 70. And if you have left over skill points ‘Next to Cleanliness’ is worth it too. There are 2 other skills that work in solo play in that tree too, but IMO they aren’t worth it. But neither is NtC if you have to sacrifice to much of another skill. I.E when I’m sniping I don’t spec into NtC b/c I spent those points on ‘I Never Miss’ and ‘Custom Loads’, but if I’m using a shotgun I’ll spec into NtC since I don’t need the sniping skills.

Even with a steady coop partner I never bother going any more than T3 in that tree, because I would be losing out on skill points on the other two trees that are more useful.

Its a good concept for a skill tree but it needs to give solo buff and coop buff at the same time.

I think so. It houses some nice gun damage bonuses to compliment the critical damage buffs her other trees have. and a backhand to remember is awesome.

I keep it specced even when solo. I find podsnappery useful as well, just to shore up short summer’s delay boost. and the fire rate boost is useful when in ffyl.

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