Is Axton's Phalanx skill an important one at high levels?

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Axton is the last of my old Xbox 360 saves that I was able to import recently, and he’s at level 25. Whatever I had learned about the intricacies of his playstyle is long forgotten by now. But have a have a good handle on the difficulty levels of TVHM and UVHM, so I know that I’m going to need to find ways to mitigate damage.

I’ve seen the Phalanx in use, and in theory it seems like a lifesaver as a source of cover allowing you to shoot. But my fear was that I would be getting rushed and might have to retreat anyway. Is this the case, or does the bubble provide a good tactical option?

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I never used it personally so I don’t know for sure. From what I’ve read it’s one of the things that doesn’t scale well at OP level.
The best use of the turret to mitigate damage is to aggro mob to it. So you’ll be better with longbow or mag-lock.
I know it can be useful but it’s not Roland’s turret. I wouldn’t risk being a sitting duck in UVHM.

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Yeah it doesn’t scale well, however in combination with maglock stick it in a wall and it will last longer. It is also 1 point and I usually take it whenever i can spare a point.

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The Phalanx Shield has 2 useful purposes- one is to block the black hole attack of threshers (which includes Terramorphus), the other is to trap enemies beneath them- very useful against certain raid bosses like the Ancient Dragons…

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Ugh, threshers. I really, REALLY hate threshers.

I was just reading the Beginner Guide to Axton here on the forums, and I was really intrigued by his explosive build and Torgue weapons. Does this build carry over well to UVHM? I’m assuming you can use your turrets to slag everything, then toss out MIRVs to keep the mobs softened.

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Yup. :slight_smile:

My usual Axton build is in the explosive/Torguemando vein. I give him every gun and grenade/splash buff I can in his skill trees and an explosive relic, and he hits really hard.

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The shield doesn’t last to long on OP8, but it’s only one point. It isn’t needed, but it won’t be totally wasted if you take it

Axton can make nearly anything work. You can go full jakobs at OP8 and do fine. If the weapon is a decent weapon Axton can make it work

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Someone else was asking about splash damage and it reminded me of your post. Your best source of info outside this forum about Axton and all the different way to play it is Demonite’s Youtube channel.

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[quote=“Carlton_Slayer, post:4, topic:1677090, full:true”]
The Phalanx Shield has 2 useful purposes- one is to block the black hole attack of threshers (which includes Terramorphus)
Check - also blocks some novas (like Pyre Threshers).

What’s this?

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@Rumplebunny You’ve made my day. I love the idea of a character that can use everything in the game that goes boom. I have a Sal character that I’m playing with friends, and I’m going to push Axton through TVHM to get to the good stuff.

Should I go through the Torgue DLC on TVHM to get some good weapons first, or just wait until UVHM? I have a whole collection of legendary weapons in the 50-55 (including a Harold) range from other characters, and I know I’ve got a Swordsplosion somewhere in that range as well.

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Just my opinion. If you have the tokens you can always unlock a few area to look at the machines but I probably wouldn’t bother. Because you said you already have gears waiting for you.
If the need be. You can always farm for a Kerblaster or a Harold early in TVHM.

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The same tactic that can be used vs Pyro Pete can be done to the Ancient Dragons when they land- pin them with dual Phalanx Shields and pound the living daylights out of them. When timed right the advantages are tremendous…

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You know, I’m only in TVHM, but I have to say, I"m really starting to love the possibilities that turret represents for distracting and drawing aggro with good placement. I used to think Maya had the corner on crowd control until I realized just how much more time you get with Axton. It seems like a very different style. With Maya I always used Ruin and converge mostly so I could get to a new hiding spot and keeping whittling mobs down. With Axton it seems like you have enough time to lay into groups while they’re hammering the turret.

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Don’t let anyone tell you Axton suck! :sunglasses:

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Works even better with Mag Lock- place one on a wall or ceiling and use the other to set up a flanking/crossfire attack- toss in a few grenades and most mobs are jellied in short order :grin:

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Nice…I suppose by putting it up high you keep the melee guys from pulverizing it. If there are two turrets do they basically divide the aggro based on proximity?

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Is it the shield or the turret that pins them though? (and are they pinned, or suddenly within melee range of an enemy, so they switch to that combat tactic)?

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@BasherSBC- depends. The first turret should draw all the aggro if the second is placed far enough away. The second turret should only draw aggro if the first is destroyed or if more enemies appear close to it. @Adabiviak- I do believe it’s the shield that pins them down, although I have to say that I’ve only seen this in Youtube vids- it’s not something I’ve managed myself…

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Do Torgue weapons get the bonus from Axton’s skills, because of the explosive damage? I’m not really clear on the “splash” factor in his builds. Are there non-torgue weapons that get this as well?

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