Is Axton's Phalanx skill an important one at high levels?

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I usually take Phalanx Shield just because I have nowhere else to put it and I think it makes the turret look cool. Also it has the added benefit of blocking thresher wormhole attacks and such. I heard Demonite argue a point once that it can actually hurt your turret by giving it a larger hitbox but I’ve never head a problem with this because I drop Nuke for Mag Lock allowing me to place it on walls and ceilings.

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I love using Mag Lock myself, but I’ve noticed that it can be detrimental to your turrets’ lifespan: it does something to its hitbox, or probably more accurately it looks like it has two hitboxes once you take Mag Lock: one for the top and one for the mag base. What it looks like is, those hitboxes can overlap and allow enemies to basically b0re it if they hit your turret right (complete with a b0re-like audio glitch of the enemy-landing-a-hit sound effect playing over itself a million times). I’ve seen spiderants one-shot my poor turrets like that with their web crud. :frowning:

It doesn’t happen often enough to make me stop taking Mag Lock though. But it does happen from time to time.

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Okay, so I’m closing in on level 50 after beating TVHM, and I have to say, up to this point I’m really impressed with Axton’s survivability. I loaded points into those shield skills and the regen, as well as the ones that make you do more damage when your turret is up. I generally try to set the turret out in useful spots.

So, does his survivability scale well in UVHM? Or does this tree really start to take a beating? I played a bunch of UVHM with Maya, and she was pretty brittle. I more or less depended on crowd control to keep her alive. I was hoping Axton might let me get my nose dirty a bit more in UVHM. Should I keep running this tree, or is he just going to take exponentially more damage anyway, and maybe be better off dipping into the middle tree?

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Do you have Longbow yet? If you want your turret up more than a second or two that’s kind of a must. My UVHM respec was the middle tree to Longbow and then the left tree working toward Double Up. I had some trouble getting second winds and then specced for Do or Die so I could Fastball my way back to my feet. I kept Do or Die until I needed the point to grab Gemini. But I’m sure the real Axperts will chime in with their wisdom soon.


For what it’s worth ( I don’t play Axton much ) I’m currently running an OP0 reset with him with a 15-26-26 build and a Legendary Ranger : between his shield skills and Preperation and Able, I’m rolling without any external healing and don’t really die.

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Good point…I’m not using longbow right now (no points in the middle tree). Might be a good idea to respec and get that back before I move on. I figured the left tree was a must because of slag, so I’m just trying to decide where to allocate the points starting UVHM.

I believe I do have a fastball on one of my other characters, but it may be a bit higher level than I am right now.

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I thought that too, but if the turret goes down quick it isn’t really slagging as much as you need it to. A slag nade works well in the interim, but Axton has nice swap speed, so a slag gun (cough, Slagga, cough) will do the job too.

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I’m an average player at best. (Just look at my posts in “What you did today”.) Commando was my first character so I didn’t had any top gear waiting for me. I was running a classic “double up”/grenade damage build and made it to 72/OP1 without that much trouble. Survivability is more about brain cells than character skills! lol
I think you already figured out the key skills. Kerblaster (Helped by grenade damaged (Steady)), Harold (DP of course.) anything that goes BOOM! It is true that he can get thru most mobs without slagging. I did say MOST.
I did used Slag transfusion a lot. But that’s because I’m a sissy! :wink:
In all seriousness. (explosive) Fastball are the way to go. Once you get the hang of it on Axton they are just tearing everything and anything appart. Which is a tremendous help for survivability! But if you play “extra cautious” and are that worried about survivability. Yep transfusion can be a viable option for “mortal being” like us.


This is why I run double Nukes. I know this flies in the face of accepted wisdom, but I much prefer the skills in the middle and right trees. Axton’s swap speed is pretty good with Expertise, great with a Legendary Soldier, so I prefer to get my slag from a gun. You need a backup slag source anyways when the turret’s down.

I don’t use slag grenades because : a) Do or Die with singularity grenades or Fastballs are fabulous FFYL tools , and b) Axton’s general facility with grenades as a source of damage.

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No arguments here. I run with a Slagga and fastballs for when the turrets are down. I use the cookie cutter because it’s been working for me so far, but Geminuke is on my list of stuff to try. After CrAxton hits OP8, or before if the cookie cutter fails me before then. But it will definitely happen.

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No time for a really deep and educated answer and I’m the noob here but…

You need a slag gun with pretty much every character class. With maybe the Siren as an exception when mobbing. So that’s hardly an argument. Beside, Double Up does not only slag but also add a second gun for extra damage. Maybe not that tremendous at high OP level but it doesn’t seem @BasherSBC is playing at high OP level.
So the extra gun AND not having to rely on a backup slag source in the heat of a battle are two things that help dps.
On a side note: I am not a fan of dps calculation. Theory and practice are two wholly different things.
With that said and because of my experience. I think running a “non-Double Up” build is not only a viable idea but one I’m very interested trying. But I wouldn’t discard it just because it doesn’t slag everything all the the time and you don’t need to slag everything all the time.
Saying that would mean much capstone skills on every class are useless.

I used Nuke a lot. I loved it and I think it’s a useful skill no matter the level/damage. But if I was to put my Double Up point somewhere else. And i will surely try it. It will be in Phalanx first, or maybe something else.
-edit- Before Gemini. (Or maybe even Nuke.)

With all that said and I hope it didn’t sound (too much) like a rant. That game is great because you can make a lot of different things work. Don’t listen to the naysayer.

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:disappointed_relieved: The naysayer has feelings, too. :wink:

Seriously though, Axton is good because he can make most anything work. Naysayers be darned.

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It’s funny cuz I’ve read that a couple times on here over the last few days. When I hit the “rough zone; lvl 55-60” and started searching the web specifically for the Commando. I first found the “good ones” like @Derch and @DemoniteBL . That’s when i’ve heard about all those crappy rumors about Axton… It shaked me a bit at the time partly because I saw all the “orange stuff” those guys were carrying
I thought : In what mess did I got myself into? But I already was on the right path. All I needed was a little tweak here and there. Learn where/how to get what I needed.
Yup. Axton can make a lot of things works and with some it really doesn’t require high skills.

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This has turned into an argument on whether or not we take Double Up, so let me get in my two cents as an Axton main :grin:. While I do agree with what @Jefe said about Axton’s swap speed being enough to reliably apply slag without the use of Double Up, I’m always going deep enough into the Guerilla tree that I pick it up anyway. The extra grenades and damage provided are definitely worth going down for. So for me at least it really comes down to my obsessive use of grenades. The way I see it is I’m that far in the tree already I might as well go and grab it anyways

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There’s almost no bad way to play Axton. His healing skills are % based so they’re always going to be good. His shield skills are great. Those 2 things allow him to be played without moxxie/transfusion grenades pretty easily. Don’t want to use double up? That’s fine, his best com happens to boost his weapon swap speed skill.

Want to ignore survival? Build him for grenade damage, grab all the gear that boosts your grenade count and a BBB shield. Hold a grog and spam fastballs everywhere

Don’t worry about struggling through uvhm, just play smart.

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Lots of great tips…much appreciated it. So, if you were at level 50 and wanted to try running more of a grenade/explosives build instead of the slag build of double up, what skills would be really beneficial? A few people mentioned Nuke, but it had been the one I was intending to leave out because of maxxing the other two trees eventually. On UVHM can Nuke take out multiple targets in a mob?

I have a slew of legendary weapons at 50-60 from other characters, and the Terramorphous mod I must have picked up from my imported saves.

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As a one-shot? Not that I’ve seen. The knock-back is very useful, though. I actually have a nuke Axton sitting at about level 56 or so. He does ok, but it’s harder work through the rough patch to 60 than having Double-Up as your first capstone.

I’d actually be interested in what folks suggest in terms of a levelling guide. I think @Jefe was saying he had a 15-26-26 build Axton?

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Trash mob, slagged, de-shielded, and maybe softened up ahead of time? Sure.
Shielded badasses with Nuke as your opening salvo? Nope.
Like @VaultHunter101 said, the knock-back is where most of the utility is.

Here’s (non-UCP) Nuke at OP3 lighting up some Skags (slagged, but otherwise full health): that’s a Pup getting insta-fragged, that Spitter on the left will die in a frame or two, and that Rabid on the right will begin gnawing on my turret like a chew toy.

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Interesting…with Axton it seems like you have so many combinations and choices to set him up.

For my first foray into the Flynt mission, I went with the Double up, enough in the middle for Do Or Die, and then a few scattered points in survival. I’m really feeling some of those missing survival points, I think. At level fifty with all legendary gear I’m doing a lot of pop and shoot while waiting for the cooldown on my Action Skill, Putting Longbow back into the mix has been helpful since it really pulls attention away from me, and leaves enemies at a good range (and slagged).

I get the feeling I’ll be doing a respec on him more than a few times.

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My first Axton, Mack Hammer (on the 360), pretty much followed the standard Double Up/Gemini build but with XBox One Mike Irons (and does the dishes- “and your girlfriend- zing!” “Get lost Claptrap!” "Awww…") I wanted to try something different so I’ve gone Nuke/Gemini and haven’t looked back (here’s his build if anyone is interested):
Gear load out is usually Slagga, DPUH, Kerblaster (or, with luck- Ogre) and whatever other weapon fills the need at the moment- AR’s like the Hail, shotguns galore, SMG’s, specialty pistols like the Fibber, Infinity, Law, Lady Fist, Hornet, etc. Add in any shield type and a L. Soldier com (or L. Engineer) and he’s ready to roll…