Is Axton's Phalanx skill an important one at high levels?

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Interesting looking build. I’ll have to go back and see where I left my nuke Axton, but it won’t be for a bit - other IRL stuff tonight.

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That’s basically what I run as well ( with Able instead of Grit and a point in Ranger for the COM ).

It’s the COM that normally informs the build with most characters ( Krieg for example ), but with Axton you can just stick on any shield and any set of guns and most COMs will work with most builds ( more so than others at least ).

It’s my affinity for kill-skills that led me to the Legendary Ranger ( it used to be to Shock Trooper :wink: ). But it’s the double knock-back from double mag-locked Nukes that I find most interesting.

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The best Defense is a good offense…

That’s why I never really went down on the survival tree. Only toward the end did I added Mag-Lock. And I love it.
Not a fan of skills like Grit even thou I know it’s loved by some. To each our own. The one exception I make is for Do or Die. Which is not in the survival tree.

In “standard” UVHM Nuke will still kill basic “white trash” mobs. If they don’t have shield or armor. Damage on more important foe is negligible or mild at best. But as stated many times already. In UVHM you use it for the knockback effect, not for damage. So you’re using your turret more in reaction than in a “proactive” way. That’s one reason why I changed it to Mag-Lock. Best defense is a good offense.

That’s Axton life! While most class use and abuse the Bones of the Ancient. Axton is better (imo) with an explosive relic. You also asked about “primary skills”

Steady and Battlefront are key here and that’s why people go for Nuke. Because once you spent 10 points in those two you’re already almost there.

Honestly I’ve tried to figure out a level 50 build with what you said. Or at least try to recreate what I had when I was 50… (I was also sporting a Slayer of Terramorphous at the time.) There’s simply not enough points! lol.
Maybe the good offense will have to wait after all. :flushed:
I’m not giving up thou.

If you’re curious that’s my latest Commando build. Using a Legendary Engineer COM.

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Looks like I need to do some tweaking. Here’s what I ended up with so far at level 55:

I’ve got a level 50 legendary soldier and a level 52 blue Juiced Pointman in my backpack. I’m going to try switching it up a bit to this:

Edit: Since I want to use the Juiced Pointman, a few minor tweaks:

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That first build looks less than ideal but that second one looks great to me :+1:
I’ve never used a Pointman, but from what I can tell #3 looks good too :man_shrugging:

Also, level 55? What is this? I only know 72! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the second build. Not a big fan of Pointman but that just me.
Ranger is definitively to be avoided. You’ll really get more bang for your points with Steady.

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I agree with @Dr_Do-Little the second build looks to be the best as it stands. Not really a fan of the Pointman but another great COM is the Veteran ones. Very solid COM with a boost to Steady and the reload speed is perfect for Tediore builds or just the general use of Tediore weapons. If you see one, snag it immediately. It makes you very cool with the title of “Veteran” :sunglasses:

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The Pointman has health regen and max health, with +6/+5 in Pressure/Last Ditch. Makes for an interesting build. I ended up speccing the 3rd option and it’s working pretty well. (Would have been even better against the stalkers if I’d remembered I could throw grenades during my one FFYL!) I’ve got a mixture of explosive singularity and shock transfusion grenades (both 0.0s fuse), a fire Avenger for chucking, Hornet, slag Gwen’s Head, and a nice set of launchers. Got through The Fridge and the Extraction Plant; now on to Overlook, but this is feeling a lot better.

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Throwing grenades in FFYL… That’s something I miss with every other class…
About the Pointman… That’s just me. Not a fan of Last ditch and the sort.
Work fine for you? You’re having fun? Awesome!

Pesky Stalkers…

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I like the health regen that doesn’t require my shield to by up (in addition to the one that does, of course!)

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I agree with that. That’s neat.

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Phalanx I’ve found to be a worthwhile investment, simply because at distance the shields still do protect your turrets as much as they do you, even up to OP8 to extend their damage dealing abilities and allow you to control aggro for mobs as long as possible.

This is my build on console for level 50 in TVHM, I found that even if elements aren’t as distinctive as they are in UVHM the ability to freely debuff enemies still helps tremendously, especially pairing Double Up with Scorched Earth to give free Slag and Explosive damage to your turret. And having two of Axton’s main kill skills already should keep you moving and hitting fast hard enough to stay on top of enemies.

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That “Do or Die” seems like one VERY useful skill. I was using a level 50 explosive Fastball I farmed, and it one shots most everything. The only time I get in a pinch is if I try to run when things get bad and fall behind a barrier.

Maybe it’s just my personal style, but I find slagging with my guns to be really tricky. I always used Maya and she was pretty much just a slag weapon herself. With Axton, is it viable to use Magic Missiles instead of explosives, or am I giving up too much as far as his perks? Obviously FFYL with Missiles isn’t the same thing, so I’m kind of torn here.

I need to be level 62ish in order to farm Tubbies for better mods, right?

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The weapon swap is a bit of a pain, especially if you haven’t memorised your weapon loadout and have to cycle through the whole set. I usually keep my slag weapon in the top slot so it’s always “up” on the D-Pad.

Magic Missiles are good - I use them extensively on most of my characters - but they may not always home in on the target you want. Plus, if they turn around to hit a target near you, you may get some of the splash yourself. There are other options though - slag bouncing bonnie/betty or singularity grenades, for example. (Longbow delivery preferred.)

All that said, I have a few characters where my primary slagging tool is a nice plasma caster - very easy to paint an entire mob quickly then switch to whatever is appropriate, plus the DPS combined with slag-on-slag damage in UVHM means they’re not bad weapons on their own if need be.

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Sounds like many of my problems are related to not tracking down certain weapons specifically by farming / questing. I tend to just use what comes my way. This always seemed to work with Maya because of her powerful mobbing skills, but with Axton I find myself needing to figure out ways to keep slagging when the turret is down.

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Well, I got through my first character (Axton) using only what I could find, so it’s certainly possible! I would suggest the main thing is to check everything out by using it (as opposed to simply looking at the red and green arrows).

It’s surprising what you can end up using that you might otherwise have dismissed out of hand. It’s not uncommon for me to still end up with a green (or even white) rarity shield on a character simply because it’s doing a better job at that moment than any of the fancy hand-me-downs sitting in my backpack.

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I remember picking up a blue spinigun once, and used it forever, just because it chewed through everything.

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How in the world did you get points in Overload w/o points in Impact or Expertise? @BasherSBC- SR have the highest slag chance IIRC- it’s why a lot of folks like to have a slag Pimpernel on hand (which can dish some pretty decent damage on its own…).

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… And that is why i wouldn’t recommend a non-Double up build for someone leveling up his first Commando… Simply follow the last target slagged by the turret with a KerBlaster or a Harold and voila!

A lot of people use Magic Missiles. I did too. In Dungeons & Dragons! I don’t have many good (purple) ones and my Siren being the last character leveling… I don’t really need to try them. Personally it’s not one of my favorite gameplay. I will probably have a different opinion when I start climbing the OP levels.

Using gears you get is certainly fun. Using top gear adapted to your character and playstyle is also fun!
We saw a lot of “Axton can make anything work” And then proceed to list “anything”: Groog, Fastball, Big Boom blaster, KerBlaster…
Might be “anything” for an experienced Bdl2 Gamer. Not when you’re first experiencing Axton in UVHM!!! Anything and everything are two wholly different things.
Yes. Go ahead and look at what can be farmed that fit you.
Your best source imo will be : Wiki special effects/red text (Sure there’s a few mistakes in it but it’s mostly right.) and Derch’s The Good, the bad and the ugly. on Youtube.
Combine the two and you’re in the driver’s seat.

Lastly you’ll want to open the Badass crater Torgue DLC. If it’s only for the Torgue vending machines. KerBlasters and Harolds without a sweat.

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The legendary mods beyond the Soldier (engineer, ranger, etc) only show up 62 and later.

It may be tricky (and I agree with you, I’m still not great at it), but it’s a skill that will serve you well with every toon, and Axton has an easier time of it than most. If you are going to use nades @VaultHunter101 made all of the best suggestions already, Bouncing Betties are my preference because I find singularities too unreliable. As @Dr_Do-Little said, there’s a reason that people recommend Double Up builds. It does grease the wheels a bit in the beginning, but working without it has its benefits too. If you work at it you’ll get it, but if it’s frustrating stick with what works. You don’t get extra credit for needlessly suffering.