Is Axton's Phalanx skill an important one at high levels?

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I second that!
-edit- Maybe I said that already but there’s a difference between a fully established 72+ character and one leveling up the first time in a specific class.
You @paulothead mentioned the Bouncing Betty. Great grenades. Have a bunch of them on mules. You also mentioned the Singularity. Didn’t like them that much before either. Now that I’m leveling my Siren I find extremely useful… And need to farm them!


On the topic of Magic Missiles, they are remarkably powerful for a slag grenade. An average enemy can be killed by the third impact so they are a viable Do or Die grenade.

The problems are that they can not only slag you but outright kill you if you mistime and it hits a target who’s on top of you ; and the 4x versions are notoriously difficult to find. fwiw, I farm the wizards in the area where My Dead Brother concludes.

All that said, I haven’t used them in ages but they were my go-to for a long time.

I’ll just second Carlton regarding the slag Pimpernel. It is hands down the best slag tool - better than the Slagga - and does indeed have very respectable damage on its own ( so does the Slagga ).

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Singularities are wonderful, I just don’t like them as a slagging tool. They’re great for crowd control, and the elemental variants are nice, but in slag they don’t apply the element reliably enough for my taste. Shock is probably the best. (Sound familiar, @Jefe?)

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Nooooo! Not as slagging tool!! Terrible, terrible.

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Thanks a lot for all the input…you folks are always so nice about answering questions that have probably been asked a thousand times.

Anyway, I think I’ll stick with the double up for now, mostly because it saves me from getting caught in a mob that isn’t slagged. I’ve been pretty careful about the Missiles…learned my lesson early about tossing grenades in close, and I’m pretty sure they killed my turrets a few times.

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I was looking through the list of special effects on items, and the Grog Nozzle, which I see a lot of people recommend, is a quest item that you lose when turned in (like the Doc Mercy gun I assume?). So what do people do, just progress the quest so far and then leave it undone?



( all you have to do is take the mission - you can do as much or as little as you like - except turn it in )

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So, on the topic of Axton’s skills…earlier someone mentioned Do or Die because it’s good in FFYL. Can I ask about the Last Ditch Effort? Does it pair well with DoD? I mean, I assume it isn’t an endgame skill for doing hard content, but how is it for leveling and grinding to 72? The extra speed intrigued me, but I wasn’t sure if it’s that significant.

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Fixed it, link didn’t paste right for some reason.

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While I was leveling through NVHM I specced it. I was using Pointman coms because I wanted the passive health regen and some variants boost that skill. I definitely noticed when I specced out of it, but the adjustment period was short. It’s not a bad skill per se, but usually the argument goes, “why build for Fight for your Life when you could build to avoid it?”. I’ve heard that same argument used against Crisis Management more than once. In the end, while I was learning how to Axton it saved my ass a few times but it stopped being a priority once I got a handle on things. I was definitely specced out of it before I started TVHM.


You have to wonder if GBX put this baffling skill into the game specifically to see if people would try a Love Thumper / melee build. I really need to try this…:thinking:

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!
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If anyone can make it work you can. Just pack a Tidal Wave, or maybe a Florentine, for FFYL moments. :wink:

Edit because I only meant to quote that much, stupid fat thumbs on a cellphone.

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!
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My point exactly. In gaming in general. But it’s not a religion. Just a state of mind.
Everything’s relative.

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I never spec LDE, it’s not exactly bad, but i’d rather focus on not going down. DoD is only 1 point, so it’s easy to fit in. Pressure>LDE for the tier 2 survival skill

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Exactly what @Piemanlee said. Do or Die is much better than LDE and it’s kind of pointless to go for both. The gun damage is a bit out of place when you could just chuck a grenade and on hit KO them. I don’t think it’s a terrible skill but Pressure is much more useful which coincidentally makes it harder to go into FFYL making LDE somewhat redundant.

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The only thing I’d add to the discussion is: while you’re levelling, if your only decent class mod boosts LDE, it’s worth a point for when you don’t have any grenades to use for DoD. End-game, as mentioned else-thread, is a different matter. I currently have one point in it with a Juiced Pointman because I still don’t have maximum grenades, and why not. That may change by level 72, but it partly depends on what I find along the way. I do actually have a Legendary Pointman sitting in my other Axton’s vault, so I might play around with different builds once I’m at a point where I can use it.


Since this thread is all about everything except Phalanx, I’ve put this build together :

to go with the Legendary Pointman , LT and my new awesome bladed Rubi and Law ; based on this post :

I know I’ve got all that gear at different OP levels, so I’ll have to use my original Axton. Will report on the daily thread tonight :wink:

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this is a level 72 melee axton vs master gee.

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Speaking of Axton’s turret skills, you wouldn’t believe how many times I screw up my aim with Longbow and end up sort of losing the turret someplace (usually behind a barrier, or between objects). I think it’s a useful skill, but you really have to be careful where you aim.

I’ve never used the Gemini skill because I don’t want to drop Double Up…how does the cooldown work with two turrets? Do they each have a separate timer?

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Cooldown and duration are based on the “main turret” (The first one you drop) if my memory is right.
Longbow is a skill that get better with practice but it will serve you for grenades too.
One thing that help is using your weapon scope. (I don’t remember the abbreviation.) It really helped me at first and I’m still using it. Especially for very long distances.

It’s another reason why I like Mag-Lock too. Much more easier to target a wall or a structure at long range than the floor.