Is Axton's Phalanx skill an important one at high levels?

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ADS, and yes!!! With Longbow (turrets and nades) I always deploy from ADS. I like doing it long distance with a scope and leisurely sniping into the fracas when I see the opportunity.

@nat_zero_six I was waiting for you to provide video proof. I thought I remembered you showing that somewhere before. That is sick. I can’t get the hang of gate crushing him, and can’t even imagine doing it as Gearbox intended.

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I saw someone doing the wattle gobler with melee axton so it gave me an inspiration for the gee fight.

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Fun fact: when using Gemini, the first turret is the “main” one, and the second is a freebie from the capstone. A tactic I use on occasion is to engage a mob from a distance, where I’ll put one turret on me and I’ll toss the second right into the mob.

The turret closest to the mob will be the one they engage with, though they will likely be taking fire from both, depending on how far away I am. If the second turret dies, it can be re-deployed as long as the timer is still live (if the first turret dies, it can’t be re-deployed).

If the second turret kills the mob (along with whatever ranged damage I was throwing down there), I can grab the close one to end the action skill and get some cooldown bonus.

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This is awesome - still learning tactics and tricks for this game after 5.5 years!

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I agree with @VaultHunter101 that is an awesome tip. Can’t wait to reach a high enough level to use Gemini with DU.

On the topic of Axton’s turret, I was recently getting reacquainted with Gaige, and my two characters are only a couple of levels apart. I’ve been trying to decide about the pros and cons of the turret vs deathtrap. The obvious one is mobility for deathtrap, which kind of ties in with his duration. Axton compensates for this in the sense that you can reclaim the turret and drop the cooldown. Deathtrap seems to have a mental lapse sometimes and won’t attack, whereas I find the turret pretty dependable for just opening up on anything and everything.

Do you think either class gets an advantage as far as summoned mechanical minions go?

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When you first summon him, whoever is in your crosshairs is whom he will attack first, even if other enemies are closer. If none are in your crosshairs and you’re sufficiently far away, he may ignore them until combat commences.

During combat, if he loses aggro, move to use him as a shield; a couple shots from an enemy will wake him up.

The Sabre turret I think is a much stronger summon (doesn’t lose aggro, the one attack “just works”, and while it can’t follow you around (and can’t extend its life with each kill), the cooldown for reclaiming it and overall speed of its cooldown makes it a winner in my eyes.

That said, I think Deathtrap is way more fun to use, especially once I got the nuances of his engagements. His kills are more satisfying, and even with the Buck Up bug, I think he’s more reliable than people give him credit for, but unlike the turrets, he’s not a “fire and forget” summon.

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Yeah, I’m finding I really prefer the turret. I think it’s because I look at it as a tactical option that’s completely on me. Not the AI. If I toss it into a dumpster not being careful, that’s my fault.


Personally i don’t like Gemini. The animation to throw the second turret could be me unloading a clip with the battlefront bonus. The only capstone skill I get is double up. I also run a purple instant shield and use able.

For gaige. Honestly, you can do a build that ignores DT and ignores shock damage and just stack damage and shield skills and uses fire and corrosive.