Is bad langauge a bannable offense?

Or does someone have to be cheating to be banned from the game?

I don’t really see language as any reason someone should get in serious trouble. You can simply mute them.


Unless they’re harassing you, I don’t see why cursing should be something to be banned for.

thank you just thank you i was going to say the same thing

By “Bad language” do you mean they are bad at english or did they harass you?

Harassment is a no-go and should be reported. But if the other player has a bad english its no thing at all. Not everyone is good at foreign languages, english is my second language too.

You made a typing mistake in your topic title. And I don´t feel offended by that.

So no, I guess being bad in speaking any language is no reason to ban someone or being offended.


If you mean in the terms of casually saying F*** or S***, I don’t think online gaming is for you. Don’t take that as me being a butthole, but that’s something you’ll have to deal with in any game with MP.

Now, if you’re being harassed or outright cheating like mentioned above, then yea it is a reportable offence.


Context is everything. When they are directed at an individual, it could be a problem.

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define harassment. What would be the difference between an ■■■■■■■ and harassing someone?

for me atleast harassment would be that toxic player that always has something bad to say about his teammates well until they turn their mics on at least :wink: you know the one the guy that goes on and on about how every one around him is bad and then goes on to proclaim him self the diago umerhama of bb

that sounds more like someone being a douche. I always thought harassment entailed threatening someone

well there is more than one way to harass people its funny just how fine the line is when it comes to that

Well I think if someone yells a “■■■■” or “■■■■” because he made a mistake himself or gets swarmed, ect. its just a callout regarding the situation. “The situation is ■■■■■■ up” one would say.
Thats what Psychichazard ment with

If these words are directly adressed towards another player or someone assaults a player with cursing its harassment. I think a constant “learn to play” or “just stop screwing at the game” could count as harassment as well. People who talk like that are harassing others.

My definition might be wrong, but its just my perspective on the matter.

PS: Of course there are also people who curse all the time because its their, well, low level to express themselves… They count as “not very cultured” in my world. They might not even realise how hostile they appear.


im guilty of doing this once or twice witch is why i dont think something as subjective as asking what the f are you doing should be bannabel

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■■■■ that culture. This is gaming pulp culture.

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Nyahhh thats why I said

so I mean if someone says comments like this all the time through a mission on every action the team makes. The constant negative assaulting talk counts as harassment or mobbing. One curse is no mobbing or harassment for me.

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And then rage quits and suddenly the team starts winning! HAHA they make me laugh.


Agree with this. One guy told me in Heliophage when I was doing my best and we still lost: Go to hell, Isic.
I wasn’t bothered by the choice of words at all but by the idea behind it. Might have hurt me even more if it was in fancy posh words that I would have to look up in a dictionary.


Yeah, had such experiences too, mostly with a nice “stop dying ■■■■■■■ Orendi” -.- but yeah, rather a burst callout like this than constant nitpicking with fancy advise all during a mission.

Me: I keep my Mic out. Because I “curse and swear like a harbour whore” as we say in north germany. I curse alot, but mostly to myself when missing hits. So I leave the Mic out and noone can feel adressed or harassed^^


As for the bad language, I personally have a real problem when it comes to swearing/cursing, I have a filthy mouth and more often than not I avoid team chat in public groups in case something slips out.
This is not anything intentional, its just what i am used to, where I grew up this was just how a lot of people spoke, I think of it as part of my regional accent. We don’t use it to be cool, or to offend (most of the time). If you heard me and my brother talking, you might think we were hated enemies the way we talk to each other, but its just what we are used to and when we are in our comfort zone and speaking freely it just flows.
Sometimes it is easy for me to forget how offended people can get by bad language, and a word or 2 might slip out here and there, not saying its right, but if i got banned for that I would feel that it was a bit unfair.

My advice is to just mute people like me, you shouldn’t have to I know, but sometimes ■■■■ just happens :wink:


suspendable, not bannable, unless a repeat offender