Is badass creeper a tubby?

Ok… So I was farming badass creepers today to try and get the blockhead (didn’t f***ing get it, figures…). But when I was farming I opened the wall and a badass creeper was just waiting for me even though I didn’t kill the other ones to get the original one to spawn.

This got me curious. Do everyone of the individual creepers have a chance to be a badass creeper just like any rare skag a tubby, or was it just a gltich? You guys wanna help me out on this :smiley:

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Not that I know of, but that’s just because I’ve never seen/heard of that before.

Sometimes it happens like that. I’ve encountered it through my countless farming of Blockhead and Longbow. I believe the spawns inside the cave is scripted, so the initial Badass Creeper spawn is either a bug or an intended rare occurrence.

And no, Badass Creepers ain’t Tubbies because they don’t share the same loot pool.

The first time I ever went to the Creepers, the first one I spotted was a badass. It happens, but it is quite rare.

I know they weren’t tubbys… I guess I worded it badly, I meant do they bahave like em spawnwise.

I’ve seen the badass spawn first like that. I killed him and then the regular creepers commenced their normal parade, followed by…a second Badass Creeper.

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