Is bank space increasing anytime soon

I desperately need more bank space, 300 still aint enough; backpack space is only 40 instead of at least 50. I heard of a 3 lvl increase so dumping stuff you think would help but, the cycle’ll still happen and, the bankspace dilemma will come back around again eventually so, its a never ending cycle. Can the bank reach 1000 soon and, backpack at least 50…


I tend to operate a “when did i last use it method” to bank managements.

Lots of pretty oranges out there, but if you’re not using them, think hard about keeping it.

I’ve just recently dropped anything not annointed, and I’m being selective about what I keep for what character. I keep a few random good pieces for others/trade, but other than that I’m good. I’m about 180/190 space full.