Is Battleborn disabling my internet adapter?

So I tried to catch back up with Battleborn a couple of days ago, and it crashed once, which I figure w/e; it’s been a while. I validate the game and nothing seems to be wrong, so I hop back in. It keeps not being able to connect to the internet, and I start to notice other programs using my net suddenly disconnect, such as Discord. It turns out my internet adapter turned off. So I turn off BB, turn my adapter back on, Discord reconnects, and I try again. Same thing happens. I even restart my computer and give it one more shot, only for it to happen again and for programs like my task manager to start seizing. This time I do a full sweep for any sort of virus or malware going on and restart my computer again. All clean, no anomalies present, so I give it another go and it still is doing this weird thing with my net. Do I have BB blocked accidentally? Is something going on with Steam? Is BB just being weird?

All I want is to be able to play this game.

ive noticed this same thing when I activate Diablo3. I was able to track the problem back to the firewall and security. These problems could be interrelated, or not. It just sounds similar. The fix came by way of reinstalling the patch from Norton if memory serves.

I dedided to go ahead and double check to ensure that BB is on my firewall and anti-virus exception lists, and sure enough it is.

Maybe it’s my hardware? I don’t even run the game on high settings for anything but draw distance. Not that I run minimum settings either but still.

possible virus?

I use several programs to diagnose my device for viruses, telemetry, etc. Everything is clean as far as I can tell.

it’s odd that it was working fine to begin with. Corrupt file within Battleborn? I can’t imagine this is hardware related. I could see a larger number of problems if the game never worked to begin with.

Yesterday I even completely deleted the game and reinstalled. Still hasn’t fixed whatever issue, and it only happens with BB. It’s puzzling.

phantoms yo, phantoms…