Is Battleborn Dying?

So has anyone else noticed that cue times are longer and that you are playing with or against players you have just played with more and more? I wonder if this is just me or have other people been noticing this? Yet with longer wait times people still leave the game making me wait another 5-10 minutes for a new cue…this just make worried because a month ago it was nothing like this.

So i saw an article about battleborn on steam and the data they showed made me worry more about how its player base is dropping and the people still playing it spending less hours in game. Now i have the game for PS4 but i still seem to be noticing a difference, where teams now are mostly level 80+ veterans (what can be a hard learning curve for new players), the competition with overwatch and a sudden large price drop for battleborn.

I am just concerned if battleborn will have the staying power and how these concerns can be addressed. Do you think battleborn will turn into a free to play if it keeps declining and they will sell skins and new hero’s and expansions? Cause i kinda feel like this is where the game may be headed. Hell maybe this is why they haven’t released tier 2 or 3 skins because of how they may drastically change their business model, i don’t know i’m just spit balling ideas here.


PC or console?

In one game is fine, the other one, is not dead but definitely on life support.

PC is the one on life support:

Medium to high ELO is 20-40 minute matchup times.
Significant balance issues.
Lack of optimization.
Increasingly frustrated player base.


Where are you located?? Im in the UK and during the hours of 1-4am is the time I play and I generally don’t wait any longer than 2-5mins… I do sometimes get a game where I play with the same people but that only happens when I join a queue straight after a game…

I’ve seen an influx of level 5-15 players joining the queues too so new blood is arriving…

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Today the queues on the East Coast seem to have improved. I hope it stays that way.

Yes, it is, unfortunately; it’s Evolve all over again. Amazingly funny and unique characters, but too little content, and a dwindling player-base. I really feel like starting a thread begging Gearbox to change the campaign to a non server-play-only format, so that the game doesn’t die completely. It’s probably not even possible, but i’ll beg anyways, because characters like Orendi and Toby do NOT deserve to die! Come on, Gearbox; it’s not too late to save this game from the server-play-only void!


I play 2-5 hours every night, more on weekends. I have only played with the same 1-2 people maybe two separate times. Sometimes matchmaking takes 3-5 minutes but usually no more. I don’t mind waiting. I do see a lot of rank 2-7 in my groups and the opposing team. Usually every other match.

I play PS4.

Not dying. It’s in a tough spot but it’s going to make it through and from there it will start to grow.


Unless something miraculous happens, the trend will continue. It’s hitting 1.7k ON FRIDAY. Queue times are approaching half an hour. And the player-base just keeps falling.

Not to mention the map selection is piss poor. Seriously, two maps for each mode, and everyone always chooses the same one, 9/10 times.

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Haven’t really noticed it. I haven’t been on in the past couple days though sooo… :sweat:

I Made it to level 67 got Alani to rank 12 then I started playing Overwatch and haven’t played since. Every time I think of playing I end up playing it instead. Lack of content / variety really hurts the experience. I got really tired of playing the same map over and over again. Lack of skins is another issue, I love me some skin’s. Anyway I enjoyed the time I did play and since I spent $70 something dollar’s on the game hopefully they add some stuff soon to get me excited to play again.

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I just played some pvp never waited more than 2 mins for a match on pc seems great here

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Purchased Overwatch and not looking back. If Battleborn fixes some of the problems, might play once in awhile. But, after Pre-sequel and Batlleborn. Gearbox is losing my following. To bad too.


No real waiting times issues here. 2 to 5 minutes, sometimes a bit longer at “bad” hours. And surprinsingly, after a terrible, terrible day ( the precise day my friend finally bought the game and joined me, way to show the game to a brand new player, yay ) filled with quitting and insults and 10 to 20 minutes of waiting timles, we never had another problem and are now quite enjoying PvP with balanced teams and awesome close matchs ( with the occasional super easy win or fast loss ).

PC, Europe, Steam set up to London servers.

My son likes OW…

But bought Battleborn as well and likes it.

Says they are similar…but really two distinctly different games.

OW just tries to be good a PvP and my son says it succeeds but gets repetitive as well.

Battleborn tries to be all things to all people. And does them all pretty well and is improving daily.
Solo play PvE
Group Play PvE
Solo Play private PvP
And PvP

It’s in a tough genre area. Lots of competition.

All it has to do is keep improving and put out more campaigns and PvP missions…new characters and new loot.

Word of mouth will take care of the rest.

It’s never going to be the hit BL2 was…but it will do just fine.


I’m sure I’m not the first person to have said this, but is it necessary to constantly situate Battleborn’s success against Overwatch? I’m not saying that that game isn’t relevant to the potentially threatened success of Battleborn. But though I get comparison and the sense of hot competition between titles, it seems a weird way to think about gaming and not likely to give much insight. Can’t we like both? Does success only come in the form of being better than the game that came out at a similar time (but is arguably very different?). That seems quite a sad state to be in.

As @johnrr6 says, the market is tough… But I think we’re players, not just consumers of a product, which might mean being able to like more than one game and not having to choose a side in some dreamt-up franchise war. I have an awful lot of games in my steam library… And an awful lot of books in my real one… they don’t have to compete with each other for a place there.


In pc is pretty much gone… Idk in console.

the future doesnt look good unless they found an alternative to keep people hook with the game. This is the reason why I don’t buy season pass, sadly I bought it for this game.

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Well said Hattie…

I love BL2…but I’d own and love Destiny as well if it were available on the PC.

All the talk of “dying”…

Good gracious the game isn’t even a month old yet…LOL

Let’s see where we stand in 3-4 months…


I will still keep playing and enjoying Oscar Mike who is funny as hell to this old G.I.

And maybe get up enough nerve and skill to try a little PvP

Battleborn is an excellent and VERY complex game…26 wild and VERY different characters…with wildly different styles, weapons and mechanics.

It’s not perfect…nothing is.
Could it be better? Yes
Is it getting better daily? Yes
Is there a solid commitment from GB to address issues and improve the game? Yes
Do I have a ball when I play? Yes

I’m just an old grunt who needs to keep things simple and the above is good enough for me…


console seems to be following this trend as well… I cant blame them. the game is good but it seems so broken right now I myself get nothing but frustrated playing it unless I play certain characters.

I can’t play OW for more than an hour before I getting bored. I don’t know how the kids do it. I have OCD and can farm gear in MMOs all night without getting tired of it, but after a while playing Overwatch I want to do anything else.

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