Is Battleborn Dying?

XBOX ONE player here. I just can say that i absoluteley love the way GBX implemented this game … it has alot of features combined that i like - 1st person gameplay action well done / RPG like gear / leveling ranks & characters & at least but not least the super-stylish comic-graphics & GBX borderlands -humor PLUS on XBO there are no performance & matchmaking issues for the moment.

What really bugs me is that a game like Battleborn with a complex and deep gameplay gets bad reviews in the gaming press, because it is complex & has a deep gameplay mechanics. I really don’t get it, isn’t this what they are all asking for? It’s so easy to play Battleborn but there is enough complexity so it’s hard to master. And on top ( speaking for xbox one ) this game has no flaws, it doesn’t crash, performance is stable at 30fps and such.

I swear – if Blizzard would have made Battleborn game reviewers would write things like “PvE campaign outstanding action everwhere” but GBX made this game and they write things like “too much action, players lose overwiev fast”.

But be honest … isn’t this allways with any new complex game that has deep gameplay mechanics … that’s what makes this games so excellent. After a few games EVERYONE understands how things work in Battleborn … when i first had raids in Everquest 1 with up to 70 players without teamspeak and text-chat only we also had no overview, the first raids in WoW with 20-40 ppl we lost overview, in Star Wars Battlefront i also had no overview whats happening in 20vs20 game because so much happened, thats normal in the beginning. This normalizes after some PvE/PvP missions … so why is this negativ in the case of Battleborn?!

Sorry for wall-o-text, it just flowed out of my fingers, now i feel better :smiley:



Yeah, I completely agree. Gaming journalists are always advocating games that break out of established genres… yet when one comes along they ‘meh’ it because it doesn’t fit into a recognisable category! It’s impossible to win. I’m personally pretty skeptical of the entire gaming journalism industry and take responses, particuarly to major titles, with a grain of finest DotA-server salt.


Way to miss my point.A good hybrid always does well with at least one aspect .A good action rpg has to be a good action game or a good rpg.My point is that bb isn’t really good at being either that’s why it couldn’t attract players from both crowds.It’s just my opinion about what might be the reason why people are leaving bb so quickly on pc.In my region(asia) the game have been dead since a week after launch…We are talking about a few hundreds players scattered across the world.Please don’t bring up the argument that as long as you can find a match(tho it might take 15mins to an hour) the game isn’t dead.It reminds me of evolve’s forum.

Well… when I am finding matches and having a good time playing it’s hard to say the game is dead, even though I know some have been having difficulties. I just think it’s a big overstatement… because I know from these forums there are lots of people enjoying it and lots of committed to discussing with Gearbox how to make it better. That makes me optimistic about the game’s future (and I’m usually an embodiment of world-weary English cynicism).

I completely get that if people are having a really hard time finding games they might not feel so optimistic. But I’m not convinced that people are hesitant about Battleborn because it’s a conceptual failure and not good at any of its ‘aspects’… Gun-toting characters are very fun (Whiskey needs a buff I think, but he has a lot of potential), there’s some real creativity in melee characters which as a big Krieg player is fantastic to see; I think the story has a really striking premise and it’s a treat to be given a story mode with a lot of replayability, and PvP too (which I’m lousy at, but will improve!). Most importantly for me, the writing is so good.

In short, Battleborn offers so much of what I want in a game, even though it has problems. I’m a big fan of TF2, but it’s a cookie-cutter online shooter (albeit incredibly sleekly done). Battleborn has attempted something a lot more complex, and I like it a lot.

Obviously people may feel differently - art would be very boring if we all reacted the same. But I think this game has tremendous spirit and I’m so glad I was persuaded to buy it. @johnrr6 and @Gulfwulf, you are responsible for the immense loss of working hours I will be pouring into this game! Not to mention how I’ve been spurred to write essays on this forum instead of academic journals :stuck_out_tongue:


Wasn’t me. It must have been my evil twin. :imp:




He did the same to me, @hattieinduni ; though he started in on me during the beta.

When I first opened this page, the top two threads were this one and Battleborn is #4 in sales, May 2016 NPD .

I think, besides those who are leaving the game because they tried it and it wasn’t to their liking, the entire argument that BB is dying has been overblown to Chicken Little proportions.

It has been explained, time and time again, that this is a new game with a new style of play. It isn’t for everyone and if someone didn’t play in the beta, they couldn’t know that without buying and trying. As with the first model year of a car, there will be issues to be worked out.

This topic has become a broken record of “Battleborn is dying.” and the response of “Battleborn is not dying because . . .”

The bottom line is, BB is not dying because some people are having trouble finding people to play with, nor is it dying because it went on sale, or because the lead writer left when his part of the project was done, or because reviewers are giving it mixed reviews. It’s not dying, period.

The numbers, even the ones showing PC play has dropped, don’t show the game is dying. Frankly, this topic has been beaten utterly beyond the void and I can’t stand to read it any longer. If I were GBX, I’d lock it, delete it and not allow another one to be made, but clearly, the GBX people are more charitable than I (and the marketing team hasn’t realized how badly the thread title could affect potential buyers).


Srry but no one is forcing you to read and discuss the topic if you are tired of it… ThEre are a lot of topics in the main page to choose from and the topic is not doing more damage than what gbx is doing to themselves with the lack of transparency in plans and fixes.

The steam page is glowing with some negative reviews about it and the topic is still on target because pretty much everything that people discuss here is affecting the game. But some people are trying to hard to ignore the state of the game and pretend that the community is the one that needs to fix the game and advertise it for gbx.

I’ll just drop this here. Don’t mind me.


Wouldn’t “perusing the forums, and responding to threads” be considered “Looking back?”. If you haven’t “Looked back”, why are you bothering with the forums of the game you’re not “looking back” at?

Was just about to post that topic too - ninjad^^

Can only recommend to everyone to visit this mentioned above, very informative.

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Though there is no GBX post, we assumed the each new hero character would be released with the Battleborn Season Pass Packs that promise new co-op maps, taunts and skins. I mean after all we got the unlock key because of being a season pass holder so for all we know it’s GBX plan to release one of the many things offered to pass holders one at a time? (cause i remember tier 2 and 3 skins are always supposedly coming but what if they are put into the season packs now?) Sure this is the communities fault for assuming but you cant really blame us because its not like GBX says a lot about their release schedule and content (although sometimes if you come through the developer’s talk tab you can spot some things coming but that’s a bit of work). To me it feels like a lack clear and focused communications on their goals and content, I am still waiting for my promised PS4 unlock key on day one for buying the digital deluxe edition, i think developers said they are in a discussion with Sony to figure out that discrepancy…i dunno i lost track of that long thread.

I agree with this statement, i understand why they did it because of above mentioned problems and reasons but it doesn’t exactly sit well with me, GBX decided the value of the game was worth $35 dollars send a lot of mixed messages. It was a slap in the face to people who bought it for $75 and to consumers it may look like a desperate money grab because maybe GBX thinks the game isn’t doing well. I never thought this post would get as much attention as it did when i initially made it, what goes to show this games future is a real concern for a lot of people and how we see GBX act can shows more then what they say.

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I never ment to blame anybody here :slight_smile: I just said that GBX never made a statement, so yes most dissappointment here grows from people who made an early assumption. Who is fault or not seems not to matter that much, at least not to me.

Not true. I can only link this informative topic again:

its a great collection of Dev posts, input, statements and a HUGE list of fixes and patches that were done. It will be updated by its OP regulary and its now a pinned topic so you guys can check what is done and talked about.

Also I recommend to use the “Dev Tracker” on the topbar regulary to check all Devs posts and reactions.
You just need to scroll through and you´ll see that they are here, they listen and they respond.


Sorry i updated my post cause i did want to mention the Dev Tracker and the link you posted and i do not know if you saw it. In which my reply is i own Battleborn for the PS4, most people only notice content updates through patch notes that it shows you in game. So for those tools to be useful i have to get on a computer and search through posts to find important content that could of been posted days earlier and now hard to track down. Sure its there but you make me work for it GBX and it could be easier. Like how do i get answers for the suppose day one unlock key for ps4 digital deluxe editions? When are new tier 2 &3 skins coming out and are they going to be included in the season pass packs? When can we roughly expect the first season pass pack to come out? I know developers have probably answered these questions but i don’t know the answer to them and i check the forums more then probably half the people who play this game. Do i have to look through a cheat sheet post of developer posts to do so (where most of the replies are not exactly important content updates) and also have to keep logging in to check the forums content every day to keep on the ball about relevant information to my questions.

People would be complaining if they had to wade through a deluge of technical notes information every time they open the game. There are more arduous kinds of research (trust me) and Gearbox are fairly transparent when it comes to their development process… we’re not talking about Half Life 3 here.

II respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, even if they think the game is dead. I don’t think it, and I will say. To imply that anyone praising the game here is doing it as some sort of slavish advertisement to Gearbox, or trying to pretend that Gearbox isn’t responsible for the game’s problems is… well, let’s just say it’s not true. Tbh I’m strapped for cash so if Gearbox were to offer me incitement to post glowing homages to this game I’d jump on the chance, but sad to say I’m still poor and it’s all coming from the heart.


The next week might be important. There are indicators that game attendance for PC might be close to stabilizing on a low level. 600 to 1400 concurrent players is nothing to be proud of but is a population which just might be enough for players to find games within a reasonable amount of time. This could be the nucleus of players the game needs when the Steam summer sale might attract a few new people to the game.
The game on PC is on life support but it’s a bit too early to write an obituary.

I don’t know of it’s dying but I do the matchmaking times are absurdly long for a Friday night. Like 30 mins a match for me. :frowning:

Over 340 hours into public Story mode, definitely not dying.
Just got High Commander badge, Defender of the week. :smile:


I know geearbox well enough to say that tbattleborn shall never go FTP even if the playerbase is extremely low. Borderlands wasn’t a hit at first, And battleborn may take a while to pick up in pacee, but i belieeve people will get bored of FPS angry bird (overwatch) and will maybe try out battleeborn. I love the gameplay SO MUCH, honestly, i think its the best gameplay ive ever played, ever. I will stay with this game ive waited a few y3ears for now until the ashes have blown away, or the sequel burns three times as bright as the first.

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So much bashing on OW on these forums lol. I mean come on even the OW forums aren’t bashing other FPS titles, at most probably they bash CoD but come on everyone bashes on CoD.

I’m a OW player but I bought this first on release. It was just dull for me (imo) if others enjoy it, that’s fine lol. But really, bashing on other popular titles isn’t doing this community any good. Even considering the fact their both VERY different games.

So do this game a favor and stop feeding this Overwatch VS Battleborn fight. Cause from what I’ve seen… a lot of Battleborn fans seem very whiny about the topic. While on the Overwatch side, some are arrogant I’ll admit but alot of them just don’t care about the whole thing and just doing what people on both sides SHOULD do… and just enjoy the game.

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