Is Battleborn Dying?

This game needs another patch to fix glaring issues if it is going to have any long term value.

I need to queue with you then >_< I was in a lobby with a dev & red yesterday afternoon and had a nice 20 minute chat =(

Not being good with certain characters doesn’t mean the game is broken…the game isn’t broken by any means does it need to get better in some areas? Yes and from what I can tell their working on it but saying its broken just doesn’t make sense especially on consoles (i know the PC version has a few more issues)…i haven’t had many issues at all i wait about 1-2 min for a game n here lately nobody drops out n i don’t think I’ve had a surrender in two or three days…sorry I’m getting really tired of people saying that they love this game n its alot of fun n then in the same post they say that its dying. Did anybody ever think “hey maybe i can help this game by telling my friends about or go to some forums n say things i like about it instead of trash it” sry guys rant over just annoyed with these threads


Tonight it has been quite well on the East Coast.

I have 1-2 minute wait on ps4 lots of new blood playing as well. Maybe dying on pc but consoles are doing fine.


That’s due to poor performance: Coldsnap and Echelon have horrendous fps especially for AMD card owners, so they’ll always vote Paradise/Overgrowth.

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i’m playing in germany - EU region…
never waited more than 1 minute to start a PvP match and since this week it only takes seconds to start a pvp game at 5pm+ because there is a lot of fresh blood (severall level 2-14 the last couple days and never played with thesame people twice… they seem all coming from OW where they got bored)

Since they were released so close together and were set by the community to be battling for that spot then yes it makes complete sense to compare them in terms of success.

The problem is not everyone can like both and people are more likely to pick the winning team that’s just how it is. I played Battleborn quite a bit and can honestly say at this point in time Overwatch has me more recently than Battleborn has. Battleborn has issues and so does Overwatch the difference is to me Battleborns are more apparent. Think of it this way when people leave Battleborn for Overwatch waiting for the patch to save it all it’s not a bad thing. Gearbox makes that patch and the players will return to check it out. I am simply waiting for some relevant changes to occur before I step back into this game it has nothing to do with hating it it’s more or less what is in a better position at the time for me.

The problem is it’s not a dreamt-up war fact has it every company who makes games WANT to sell those games it’s all a matter of who does it better. They will never openly admit to it but I guarantee you every game creator is in it for the money. Patches just help circulate more money to them, in all the act of listening to the community.

The only problem with the steam library analogy is simply the fact that you don’t have a limit in the library so to say they don’t have to fight doesn’t matter because no game really does. It would be much better to say they don’t have to fight over disk space.

No matter how you look at it every game that uses guns is going to compete with every other game that uses guns. The similarities it shares from game to game they want to beat that game, sure they don’t share everything but that just means they have more people they want to beat in those differences also.

I wish I could say otherwise, but I don’t see how Battleborn is going to survive, at least on PC. I’m playing the hell out of it while there are still people to play with.

This is me:

…Trying to find people playing Story mode on normal or Advanced is getting very hard lately.
This keeps up we will have to form groups here and on Steam, schedule games ourselves.

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I’m afraid I have to disagree with you entirely. Of course companies like Gearbox have a marketing department. I have no doubt there are people with degrees in business examining spreadsheets over sales and profits right now, and no doubt Overwatch will be in their minds too. But to suggest that games, even those made by corporations, are just about profit is incredibly cynical and, I think, wrong.

As a dedicated player of (most of) their games, it seems to me Gearbox is committed to not only turning over a profit but also making a piece of art - one that provokes thought and provides real entertainment. And that’s what I’m interested in as a player. I don’t want to participate in whatever capitalist competition may be at play behind the scenes. There is so much more to be had than that. Hence, what other games I’m playing, and what kind of profit the game is making in comparison to others, seems pretty damn trivial.

But does it? I’m not convinced. I certainly see a lot of the community making this comparison but that doesn’t mean it’s right… I’m not sure it’s necessary to follow the herd on this one. Again, while the timing may have been unfortunate from a numbers and profit point of view, I would only be really concerned about Overwatch and Battleborn’s relationship if there was something in the content of the games themselves that worked against each other (and as they’re very different games, that doesn’t stand up). Release date proximity is a red herring and it hasn’t yielded much productive commentary on either. My disc space, while limited, isn’t in such a state of crisis that I can only choose one out of two great games.

I don’t think the game is broken. That seems a big overstatement. I’ve come across a few glitches but nothing compared to other games (like, er… Goat Simulator… or indeed Borderlands 2). In terms of balancing player abilities, literally every character-based online game receives complaints and makes changes to skills and stats on a regular basis.

I’ve never played through a Team Fortress update that doesn’t have a chat filled with outrage at whatever has been nerfed/nuked, or listened to my DotA friends discussing the latest patch without their usual DotA-induced ire. Battleborn is fresh out of the box, it stands to reason there will be tweaks. It’s still a lot of fun.

This is so inspirational for my life in general I may have to stick it to my wall :smiley:

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Some of the characters in retrospect actually share some common qualities across games.

You can easily compare Pharah to Benedict in this regard as high flying rocket wielding attackers.

Caldarius is sort of similar in the concept of Tracer as a hit and run harassment character with some amazing mobility.

Soldier 76 and Oscar Mike because generic soldier (Not too big o a deal)

I would pair Reinhardt with Boulder or Gal since his main theme is shielding allies but he can also attack very well (He is more like boulder for the simple fact he has a charge skill that is generally close)

Hanzo is like the Thorn of this game where they both play with arrows but one key difference is Thorn is mobile with strong AOE attacks as well while Hanzo is more territorial with higher single target damage.

Mercy is basically like a pocket Miko in terms of healing.

Lucio is like Ambra or Kleese in the fact that Kleese heals when people are around him (If specced) while they both can place down stations that heal his main theme is more or less stand near me for healing or movement speed. He also shares a pushback ability that Ambra’s solar wind can provide.

Reaper is much like Rath (Yes I know 2 swords =/= 2 shotguns) where Rath gains health off of the damage he is dealing while Reaper gains souls after an enemy is killed that allow him to gain some health. They are both close range attackers who can dish out a ton of damage with ultimates that annihilate enemies caught in it.

Widowmaker = Marquis

While the games do share different objectives if you like Battleborn for the heroes Overwatch and Battleborn do share hero concepts that make it more approachable for people switching over.

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Oh definitely, I agree with that. I think there are fundamental differences between the two games (with the result that they their player base isn’t entirely shared). But there are certainly similarities, just like Battleborn has strong influences in Borderlands and Team Fortress… for me, that doesn’t make me want to play it less. I enjoy the notes of recognition and it’s fun to see how a similar convention has been altered.

Oh no no the thing that makes me want to play Battleborn less are some of the issues it has at this moment. I don’t think the game is bad there are just some issues I cannot play through for any longer and I know they will get fixed eventually. The important thing to me is that I like seeing Battleborns player base rise but when I see it drop as well I can’t help but think Gearbox is going to need to plan something big to pull in that player base. That’s a big reason why I may not play the game right now but I will visit the forums. I don’t think it’s dying it is just waiting for an evolution to happen.

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Know what sucks? Wanting to play Echelon, Coldsnap and Saboteur, but getting unacceptable fps on an overspecced system because Gearbox had to include Gameworks trash. It’s one of the most poorly optimized games I’ve played in many years. It’s a slap in the face to anyone who owns an AMD GPU.

I love Battleborn and would like to continue doing so, but between the optimization, connectivity and matchmaking problems, the lack of ability by the developer to follow through on commitments, etc, it almost feels like trying to help someone up off the ground who is gradually bleeding to death, while they kick, struggle and resist all efforts. :pensive:

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Well LoL has like one map and that games one of the most played around the world, I don’t play (dont have PC) but MOBA (esque) games usually concentrate on Heros over maps. I’m failing to understand how OW doesn’t have a lack of content in your eyes tho…
No character progression, no story mode…
If skins count as “substantial” content then I guess too each there own but personally waiting for the new skins too come is definitely not a deal breaker for me

I appreciate the sincerity of your feelings about the game and this isn’t a personal attack on your post - this is about the general status of feedback on Battleborn. I don’t think one can claim to be nobly helping the game’s cause at the same time as saying how broken and appalling it is and how Gearbox’s very business model or tech decisions are terrible. I think it’s great that people who feel invested in the game’s future pass along feedback, but (and this has been discussed elsewhere so I won’t dwell on it too much) the tone of this forum’s posts just depress me and would put me off buying the game if I didn’t already own (and enjoy!) it. If people want to leave negative reviews or criticism, ok, but you can’t trash the game and at the same time claim to be its salvation.

I’m glad that the devs are enthusiastic about where the game is going, at least publicly. I love the game and very much want it to succeed, but it is hard to see reasons for optimism from here, especially when so much of how the game has been marketed up to this point seems…lacking (and I really don’t want to go off on that tangent).

I guess all we can really do is be patient. But I have the same concern I had before launch: this isn’t borderlands. A single player game can build notoriety and following over time. With multiplayer games, if they don’t hit a critical mass of players, that isn’t going to happen and we are seeing that.

Maybe they can find a way to make a big splash, draw in a bunch of new players and get some of the folks that have given up to come back. We shall see.

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I mostly put that on the fact that we actually don’t care at all about getting different maps… I know I don’t! MOBA style. One map for each mode is quite enough for me.

If anything, I’d rather get new modes than new maps for exiting modes. :wink:

I also love how brilliant the dialogue is - the writing in this game is so good! I think a limited number of maps with a very large selection of dialogue was a really interesting way to go. I’ve played through Borderlands 2 more times than I can count and I still love hearing all the lines… so to replay maps but get different scripts each time in Battleborn is tremendously enjoyable.

I also really appreciate how all players hear the same script, including player callouts. I guess that wasn’t in Borderlands in order to eliminate lag but it’s a big part of what makes the game fun for me and being able to react to lines as a group makes for some real hilarity.

In short, yes, the maps are limited, but with a crazy number of characters and a really rich, diverse script I have no problem playing them repeatedly. Meanwhile my DotA buddies just have to stare at a shrub-filled field for 3000 hours while the sound of Russian expletives drown out all other sounds :stuck_out_tongue:

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