Is Battleborn Dying?

I must be missing something, didn’t Battleborn just recently get released? Like a month ago or something? I mean, granted, I get what people are saying, but can one really expect a game to dish out tons of new content 1 month after its release?

I’ve continued to play it and I haven’t noticed a downtime on server connections, seems I wait a few minutes and then I’m in a game. Depends on play time, I am sure.

Perhaps the game is dwindling some, but I can’t honestly expect Gearbox to jump on it and start making things happen this early and I’m not about to say “Oh well, its boring now, I’m just going to leave” because I spent money on this game and damn if I’m not getting my dollar’s worth on it.

I also think the release of Overwatch has hindered this. Despite the two games being VERY different, people think they need to play one or the other depending on their needs. And that’s fine! If you like PvP only, Overwatch may be the best one for you, if you like PvE or like PvP but not as intense, then Battleborn is a good fit.

I say, give Gearbox some time. Don’t jump ship right away because of this, I think in the next few months we’ll see some new things added and your concerns will be noted.

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Now, upon further research it seems this problem exists since the first Borderlands game. The problem is, since it uses the same engine, it seems the control scheme is designed for gamepad controllers (among the other problems with instant skill release).

So the verdict is, the Battleborn will die off slow death on PC (if they don’t do anything about the control mechanics), it will live further on consoles if they figure out the balance of champions.

Link to Borderlands topic on Steam

Just played a couple of games with Phoebe. If you are trailing laterally, a player, who is circling around you, you have to compensate for that by moving your targeter around 1.5 - 2 widths of the player that is circling you…that is unacceptable in terms of multiplayer FPS games. So in the game it looks like you are hitting with the sword in front of the object, but actually the game registers that as a direct hit…

Interesting info, thanks for that.

I’m still not sure that it means Battleborn is already half in its grave. I appreciate those problems are annoying but they don’t unmake the game’s brilliance for me. Borderlands 2 uses the same engine - and in my opinion is not a great port - but has had an incredibly long and prosperous life despite a very noticeable number of glitches. Of course, PvP is more competitive (so people are more likely to be frustrated with problems like that) and if people are leaving the game for any reason matches might become harder to find, causing others to go.

I think the best thing we as players can do is offer constructive feedback on things that can be improved, but also encourage new players and not make either the forums or the game itself an unpleasant place to be.

You’re welcome. I want this game to survive and thrive, because it is GREAT as a concept and art. First I was an Overwatch fanboy when the trailers came out. But then I saw Battleborn with these cartoon style graphics and humour, I knew that this was it. BUT I am disappointed by how they went about the control scheme and not realising that this is a very big deal for PC PvP. If that topic exists on Steam, they should’ve been aware of that…so what gives? I’m doing everything to bring the core problem and the reason for massive player base drop to the awareness of everyone, especially developers. And hope that this will unite us as players to plead to developers’ and give us the great experience they wanted but fell short because of that.

You see, Borderlands 1 and 2 were truly great coop experiences for me too, but that is PvE world, where enemies are “stupid” and move relatively slowly and predictably so a thing like that…you can say, you close one eye and enjoy the game. But when we are talking about playing PvP where enemies are ridiculously smart, move unpredictably and fast…a thing like that matters a lot…some say, men have gone bald because of that :smiley:

Right now, the players that are still with the game, are true believers, hopeless optimistics that wish this game lasts a decade.

Typically MOBA maps are a lot bigger than what is in Battleborn, and there is more stuff to do on the map. This makes for a lot more varied game play situations and makes the maps a lot less boring.

As far as skins I was just using that as one example, Overwatch has a lot more you can unlock for the characters. I am not saying Overwatch is perfect either there are several things that I would like to see changed.

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I’m on XBOX ONE [Europe/Germany] so i can only tell you about this platform. And to me it seems there are none of the problems discussed here, matchmaking no matter what mode PvE or PvP takes 1-4min to gather a complete team ; there are also no technical problems, the game runs smooth & stable on 30fps, the fps never seem to drop.

It’s really sad to read that our comrades playing Battleborn on PC are facing such an amount of problems.

  1. I kinda agree you. I don’t believe that all Developers makes Games only for Money. Of course is Money a big part, i mean its still an job, It might be, that there are some Developers out there, who are so experienced and professional to still make amazing Games, however normally you can see how impassionated the developers due to their Work are.

Best place as examples are these Voxel-Based Games. You have some Games which straight copy the concept of Minecraft. So you don’t see any passion or professionality in that. However there are examples like Terraria, Cube World etc, where the Developers behind it have a vision and even thought its in the same genre, its something complete differnt.

Same I don’t understand how anyone can play more than a couple matches of overwatch without getting bored. There’s just NO variety its so monotonous, and there’s nothing to work towards either. Skins are pointless in a FPS because unless you have battle born style taunts you can’t see them anyway. And you can unlock a new pose for character select? Well woopdeedoo.

Anyways on battleborn a big problem is there’s kind of a glass ceiling on the progression.

More than a few characters have extremely difficult lore challenges (while some are brain dead easy). Like I’ve completely maxed and mastered Toby…except still can’t get double kills with his ultimate so o can’t finish his lore challenges.

Once you hit lv 100 there’s nothing to work towards anymore and challenges go to waste.

So after a certain point, there’s nothing to work towards/play for, so people move on to other games.

Battleborn needs more goals for players

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Hmmm currently there are 26 characters to master by leveling them and completing lore challenges, that is a substantial amount of goals to work towards in this game… And then you have 191 titles with more to come as well. How can you say this game needs more goals… I can almost garuntee that not one single player has accomplished that, Angel of Death title is 10k Battleborn kills alone, and that’s just one title…

Once you hit CR 100 yea they command rank is wasted but you do get credits for completing challenges so its not completely wasted
I’m failing too understand your logic

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You are so right. Some of the challenges are stupid. I’m been trying to do one of Attikus’s challenge of punching Rendain in the face with charged hook and getting a crit. Charged hook takes about 3 seconds to charge up and Rendain knocks to back the whole time. I have soloed this mission 5 times with Attikus and have gotten 4 of the 12 hits. The entire fight with Rendain I only use charged hook and with a controller it’s insane.

The skins do help identify which character is on your team though… I like them.
And you can ‘emote’, which shows your character, so you can see your own skin.
And if I get the play of the day, I can see myself…
And at the end of a winning match (with my unlockable poses)…
There are also spray tags, voice lines, and icons to unlock as well…
So there is variety there, and things to work towards (getting loot boxes at level progression for example).

Both BB & OW have their ‘boring’ components, depending on what sort of gamer you are…
Some games I can play constantly, and continuously, for hours on end no worries…
Others, only in short bursts, and I need to find something else to occupy my time…

I too have hit CR100 on BB…
But I still have characters to master…
Characters to get to rank 15 that I haven’t played as much (or at all)…
Titles to get…
Trophies (ps4) to achieve…
Still a ways to go after CR100 for the gaming completionists out there…

Obviously, this is a BB (gearbox) forum, so one can (or should) expect more praise towards BB than OW however, but thought I’d add my piece on it too, haha.

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yup the game is dying out of about 10 people i played with in the beginning i am the only one left playing. i said it in some places before but i will say it again. the grinding for gear is just too hard. and most people are just no hardcore gamers. the game frustrates them and they stop playing

skip to around 51 minutes and you won’t be so troubled next run. I got them all in my first run. You also don’t have to fully wind it up, you can just hit him with it uncharged as seen in the video. Cheers.

We would be so lucky. Long queue times, aside, the amount of support Turtle Rock Studios has given Evolve is genuinely mind blowing. I would consider Battleborn blessed if 1.5 years from now GBX is still supporting the game like TRS has Evolve.

Great video! Thanks :slight_smile:

1300 players on sunday… Welp…

I have a feeling Battleborn may be a “late bloomer”. It probably won’t ever reach the player base Overwatch has, but it does not HAVE to. I’m new to the MOBA genre, but BB seems to have the potential to be a very strategic competitive game, but seems pretty hard to master, lots of variables. IF some serious competitive play starts in an e-sports scene, there will be a huge boost in players. Im mostly a solo player, don’t care to have many gamer friends, but my brother does, and the majority of his friends STILL have no idea about Battleborn, they all bought Overwatch. BB has a lot of staying power, more people just need to know about it. If my real life was not so hectic, I would love to help out with setting up a team and do tournaments, but until winter I can’t. Over the past week, I have seen a lot of low CR players on Xbox, and que times have remained pretty stable, less than 5 mins always for PVP. The steam numbers do seem quite low, but PC numbers are not everything. I feel bad for the PC community who are experiencing these problems, and can only hope that things change.

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For me Battleborn is dying. I don’t even bother with PVP anymore. Maybe I’m getting bored with the game. I’m just going through the motions when I play. All I ever do is solo the story mode. It’s strange how playing with PUGs is worse than playing alone.

There’s a new thread stickied on the Steam forums where everyone can add each other.
This is a good idea since we are having a hard time with matching, more Friends will be gooder. :sunny:

Sure, it’s got the support, but the problems (balancing aside) are near identical. I can never get into a full lobby in Evolve anymore, and am forced to solo most of the time. Doesn’t change my love for the game (just as it won’t for Battleborn), but it won’t be too much longer before people are saying: “Hey, remember Orendi and E.M.E.T.?” And few will… Even if both games were THE two most played games, they will both eventually die, because you must log-in to a server to play them; so when the server dies, the game dies. IMHO, this is what is REALLY killing games; not micro transactions, not developers purposely holding back pre-made DLC to squeeze more money out of players, not even mobile games. The fact that i will eventually NEVER be able to enjoy playing as Orendi or E.M.E.T. again depresses me so much, that i almost feel like selling the games before i get too attached to them. There is nothing worse in the gaming world than permanently losing a game, and character, that you love.

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