Is Battleborn Dying?

This is a big issue I have with playing online games. Guild Wars was my fave PC title. Battleborn is really the only online console game I play consistently but as you said it will eventually die which is why it’s so crucial to have a big fan base now.

It’s such a hot-button issue with me, that i don’t think i’ll ever play another log-in-to-play game. Ever. I love the characters in Battleborn and Evolve to death, and the knowledge that there is NOTHING i can do to stop them from becoming nothing more than a bitter-sweet memory, seriously upsets me. It may sound pathetic to many, but that’s how i feel; and i honestly don’t know if i can keep doing it to myself. When and WHY did it become the norm for games to be essentially disposable?


Nothing lasts forever. We just have to enjoy the time we have with the things we enjoy the most.

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I happened to be on Discord when Jythri popped in and had a chat a while ago. The plan for BB is that it becomes a hobby in itself. I think it will be around for a while.

I know it sounds trite and fanboyish, but please, give them time. They don’t want to have wasted anyone’s time, especially their own. They are incredibly passionate about their games. I don’t see any reason to write this off just yet. This stuff is complicated. If there’s a way to fix it, and I’m sure there is, they will.


Did he say anything about fixing aiming lag?

The game hadn’t released at this point. This was pre-CTT.

Oh, so that was a long time ago. Hopefully in the next Battleborn news update we will hear about a plan that they are working on revamping the controls.

I like BB but I tell you what… this game really needs new content… now. Apart from that, the lag is what is killing it for me. Every game I go into I feel that my team is one down … because of me. Most games are pretty much unplayable for me now, and its not much fun getting slaughted and then pumping someone full of lead only to see their health bar unaffected. I’m a pretty bad player but I lose nearly every game (I think I win one in twenty). The game is just not fun for me anymore, its incredible frustrating. I get one red bar every game. I’m getting chucked out of even private story matches now. I’m grinding to 100 (93 now) then I will probably call it quits. Its E3 in about a week, hope they have some good news about something else for me to play. BB has even turned me off Borderlands 3, and I thought that would never happen. Gearbox have exposed their underbelly a bit in this game, and it dont look real pretty.

Was battleborn ever alive?

Where do you live? What kind of Internet do you have? Which platform?
Sorry to hear about your problems but myself and the people I play with never have any of these issues at all.
Asking for new content already? There’s 26 characters to play and master, 191 titles to try and get, hardcore/advanced too play as well. Sorry but asking for more content a month after release especially when they did just release new content (Alani) seems odd…


I have the slight feeling that there is a huge discrepancy of whether people feel like the game is dying or not. PC players have every right to fear for the games future, but I think it’s doing well enough on XBONE and especially PS4 from what I’ve read (I can’t judge I don’t own the game yet… sadly). Guess it also depends from where you are, since our Australian friends don’t seem to have much luck either. :disappointed:

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I live in Australia - have a look at the other thread about the problems. Not whinging about characters - but try AAA title - limited campaign mode 8 x 20-30 minute missions, 3 mutliplayer modes x 2 maps each. Somewhat limited in my books.

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Why do folks say it is dying on the PC???

I get randoms any time I want within 2 minutes any time…and I’m on the PC.

I don’t get any lag. I have a small circle of friends I mostly play with but seriously…I have never had to wait for more than two minutes to start a fresh mission.

I do think we need more and a steady stream of new content…but figure that is what the DLCs are for.

Bugs and design flaws will get squashed within time. GB is very good about getting a game right. I mean anyone that sticks with Colonial Marines like they did has to be applauded LOL…and BL2 STILL keeps getting updates three years later.

Tell me ANY game that is released nowadays that is near perfect…or name me a company as committed to their product as GB.

Maybe there are a few out there…a VERY few.

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Well yes sadly Australians are having issues and that does suck sorry :confused:

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About the state of the game on pc.

So after a couple of days of thinking, asking around and reading some thoughts on the Internet, this the resume of what I got:

  1. Game is bad optimized
  2. The map is too small and people got tired of the xploits and get stuck in weird places
  3. The Matchmaking is probably the worst around
  4. Similar to point number 2 the map is too small and it isnt big when you compare it to the regular MoBA map
    5.OW is the same price and runs better at least on pc
  5. They think that is already dead and not worth buying.

I don’t want to undermine your own reaction to the game; your response is your own. But I really can’t fall in behind that list of claims and what ‘they think’. The state of a game is not necessarily equal to what internet posters say. In general, there aren’t many situations when, if I wanted to find out the truth about what was going on, I would go with thoughts read on the internet.

Presumably you’ve played the game a lot yourself so have a strong personal sense of what it’s like. But - as could be completely predicted - those posting loudly on forums are disproportionately those who have encountered problems or a negative reaction. I’m not saying their concerns are groundless… but claims that matchmaking is ‘the worst around’, or that the game is not worth buying because OW ‘runs better’ (Battleborn runs superbly on my PC and for every other person I’ve played with, and OW is a very different game in many ways) seem sweeping at best and a very partial perspective on the situation.

I post on the forums here, and I appreciate how many users come here to note bugs and bring productive feedback. Sometimes I consult the internet on whether or not I should buy a game. But would I recommend to a buddy that they check out the feedback for Battleborn in the hope of some carefully communicated feedback, free from sweeping generalisations or apocalyptic rhetoric? No.

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OK…I think you are looking at the game only as PvP…which is fine…your call.

But the game is so much more.

YOU: 1. Game is bad optimized
ME: Not for me and the almost 5 year old hardware I am using. ( I use Nvidia/Intel and I do hear about AMD issues)

YOU: 2. The map is too small and people got tired of the xploits and get stuck in weird places
ME: The maps are not too small and I have yet to be stuck somewhere or experience a large number of exploits. Maps seem very reasonable in size.

YOU: 3. The Matchmaking is probably the worst around
ME: I have not experienced this at all on PvE…I have yet to venture solidly into PvP so I can’t comment except to say the few times I have tried PvP…I got in quickly with seemingly like leveled people.

YOU: 4. Similar to point number 2 the map is too small and it isnt big when you compare it to the regular MoBA map
ME: I have never done PvP so I don’t have anything to compare it to but the PvE maps are quite good in my mind.

YOU: 5.OW is the same price and runs better at least on pc.
ME: My son owns OW and Battleborn and say both run fine on his machine…which is AMD BTW. He says while there are similarities…the two titles are distinctly different products. OW has NO PvE campaign element for instance. He also says he tires of OW very quickly and that it is too repetitive. But thinks it is an excellent game.

YOU: 6. They think that is already dead and not worth buying.
ME: The games are DIFFERENT…and for someone like me…it is the PERFECT game for playing what I like to do (Campaign PvE) while getting started with other genres.

Could the game be cheaper? Hell Yes…what couldn’t?
Does it need more content. Yes but what game doesn’t?
Does it have bugs? Yes (See previous response)
Does GB seem committed to improve the game? Yes

Do I have fun playing it? YES

Good enough for me.


@johnrr6 since both posts are pretty similar

If you dont agree because thinking that you having fun with the game invalidates all the players that give up the game opinions is up to you. I have fun with the game and my just upgraded pc can run it without breaking the sweat and that’s not the point, why? because for a lot of people the game is broken and runs like s**t.

The point is that a lot of players in pc ditch the game for some of the reasons that I post above and if you dont agree or are in denial is up to you.

Sadly the numbers on pc are getting lower by day and just because you guys or me, are having fun with the game doesnt mean that’s all good, they need the feedback of the the thousands of players that got tired of the gameand never looked back, not the feedback of the 1800 players that are still trying to play.

If gbx want to use the list to compared it with his own data is good, if they want to ditched is good as well.

Actually, the numbers have been climbing a touch the last few days from what I have seen. It’s small but it’s there.

I actually am new to Battleborn. I bought overwatch on release day and while its great it got real repetitive. I bought Battleborn a few days ago and love it. The characters are very well made. I already loved gearbox cuz of borderlands I hope this game catches on more its a great game