Is Battleborn Dying ?!?!?!?!

Battleborn is the greatest game of all time, but the numbers are the only downside. This game makes overwatch look bad, their supporters put us Battleborn fans down and we should stand up to it. It’s time to show them what Battleborn is made of.


With games like Paladins and Gigantic out as well, the market is getting flooded (relatively speaking) with hero style FPS MOBA’s

I’d like to see a higher player base as well but that ship sailed the minute GBX taunted Blizzard through twitter.

As for the personalities of the people playing OW vs BB, I’ve noticed people playing OW have very little patience and that’s why they go for that game. It has a quick jump in/jump out matching system that works well for that mind set.
I’ve noticed BB players have a calmer, more calculated approach when playing due to spawn times and CC set ups as well as having other objectives in the game to focus on such as Thrall, Minions, shards, multiple capture points, masks …

Fanboys of each game will rip on each other. To prove my point: OW is a damn walking simulator with 3 seconds skirmishes until your sniped through a wall by a lagging Hanzo.


Before over watch it was COD, and before COD it was halo.

There will always be a game that serves as a cesspool of the sweatiest, most toxic tryhards, and I’m glad to say that BB is not that game.

I have seen higher level teams surrender to low level teams, pros take up and mentor newbies, matches where people just don’t want to kill each other, and compliments sent after a well fought match. This is a good game, with a good community, and respectable players. I am proud to be a part of it.


To respond to the title in a word, yes.

Do I care? No.

I’ll be here playing Deande till It’s no longer possible.


Thing is, this game can’t have unlimited updates. Support hasn’t officially been stopped, but it’s a matter of time, you know, when the silence will be broken, probably before the end of the year.

Evolve is still around, and so is Battleborn.


The game is dying, no doubt about it.

But it’ll definitely die even faster if Gearbox continues to spend months and months working on gimmicks like 3v3 PvP that got axed in 2 months after release, when the effort could’ve went into new maps for Incursion and Meltdown or even sets of PvE missions.

3v3 was a waste of everyone’s time. People on any platform will quit your game if you put out content that is detrimental to it.


One of the things that surprised me last year when it was clear that people weren’t playing, was the addition of face off. At the time incursion, meltdown, and capture all had separate queues, but incursion was pretty much the only way to get a game. They stated that split queues was making harder to find games and then we got a new mode. I’ve grown to enjoy face off, but that shocked me that we got a new mode despite that declaration. Fast forward to now and we got a new mode that restructured the queues that seemed to be working for the game and for a mode that to me, didn’t seem too different from a capture / meltdown hybrid.


@Nemosis327 I salute you.


And that’s why I always loved Battleborn for big long fights and that’s why I love Quake (Arena/Live/Champions), because if you die, you respawn and you are in action instantly.