Is Battleborn really a Moba?

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I’ve never really liked mobas, mainly because i don’t like the birds-eye view perspective and haven’t tried the other kinds but i like battleborn and i’ve been wondering what makes battleborn a moba or mobaesque?

I think a lot of the confusion comes from the quick, match-based leveling/helix system that we’ve shown off and that the first coverage of the game last year happened to focus a lot on Incursion mode.

As you’ve probably seen over the last few months though, there’s a lot more to it – and we still have plenty to show! The game definitely has strong first-person-shooter/slasher(?) roots, too!


The way i meant it, it’s that Incursion mode is basically each team have one base to defend, and you have creeps coming to it trying to destroy it. If you take the Helix system in consideration, it’s quite Moba-ish.

From the website:

Teams of heroes must defend their base from waves of
AI-controlled minions while working together alongside their own minions
to destroy their opponent’s base.

But unlike (real) moba, it’s not top-down view, with mouse controls, and items to buy, last hits, and whatever. Which is what most peoples don’t like about Moba. And probably what you don’t like too.

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First of all thanks for joining in on the conversation @Jeffybug.

Yeah, i’ve seen that and that’s exactly attracted me to this game.
What i’m really worried about, is that no one seems to know what genre to call it; and no ‘hero shooter’ doesn’t cut in.

Thanks. Very succinctly answered.

Considering half of the characters don’t even shoot, yeah, hah.

It’s a First Person… uh… It’s a… First person… game.
I give up on trying to find something that fit.

i think they’re gonna have to make up a new genre just for this game. :confounded:

You mean like shooter-looter or FPSRPG? :wink:

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Yeah! Exactly! :sunglasses:

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The new genre should be called the badassery of baddassitude, of course only badasses are allowed to play!


I’m a hardass… will I still be able to play?

What about “Battleborn - The Moba-nsfomation Shooter”

is there any gameplay footage of the incursion mode? also, are maps paired to the type of gamemode, or can they be played on in capture, incursion, and meltdown?

I’m happy to call it a FPS, in the same way that Team Fortress 2 is a FPS, Fallout 4 is an FPS and Dying Light is an FPS. And shooters without guns have a long history. Any fellow oldies remember Hexen? :smiley:

Then please get on with showing it! :slight_smile: Seriously, I know it must be hard deciding on the marketing strategy for something as ground-breaking as BB but a common view still seems to be, even on this forum, that it’s primarily a MOBA. Having played the CTT, I see that it has great potential as a classic, “old skool” shooter for solo and co-op play. I’d have spent much more time on the CTT, if solo play had been available. However, the last official vid on the Gearbox YouTube channel, showing co-op, is back in September 2014! I can’t find any solo play at all!

When the serious marketing starts, towards the release date, I do hope we’ll see a lot more of the non-MOBA side of BB.

There is a brief moment of the mode Incursion in the Multiplayer Trailer

lots of minion
droid soldiers

Nice, and looks like a new map too (maebe a paradise variant?). I’m very interested in the incursion mode because of the moba influence and wonder if it will be held under wraps until launch?

Yes and I remember its predecessor Heretic. :dukejk: Though Ultima Underworld was probably the first sans guns FPS.

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Darn! I meant Heretic - Doom in tights! The memory’s going :smiley: I take your point about UU but I always considered it to be an RPG with a combat option rather than an FPS. But what’s in a name? I think we both agree that BB has “FPS” in its categorisation somewhere :slight_smile:

They say memory’s the second thing to go, but I forgot what the first one was…And who are they anyway? And why do they talk so much?

Anyway, back on topic, while BB’s PVP might feel like a MOBA, the story felt like a regular Borderlands story to me: you start at the beginning of an area and run through, killing stuff and completing certain objectives while the bad guy is harassing you. I don’t see this replacing LOL, but I think it’ll do just fine on its own merits.


It is a moba with shooter elements. Or, Smite + Borderlands