Is BL3 split screen broken for anyone else after latest patch?

So, this was working a few days back. I’m guessing the latest patch has broken the UI overlay. I’ve attached two screenshots. Running on a PS5 on a 4k tv. It looks like the inventory has been scaled badly, maybe it’s confused at the screen size?

It’s so off, that in side by side splitscreen the 2nd player is off the screen somewhere. In top/bottom, the second player is up on the first players screen. Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t see why it would be just us, but I’ve seen no other complaints about it, and it’s so blatant I’m unsure how basic smoke testing wouldn’t have picked it up.


Hey man,

I have exactly same issue, super annoying :\

Seen reports of the same thing in both the XBox and PlayStation tech support threads so yes, it isn’t just your game. All I can suggest is filing a bug report with 2K support (even though that can be a painful experience.)


It’s completely broken. I opened a support ticket on Thursday and some other people have complained about the same issues in these forums.

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Yeah same problem here too !

I’m glad you posted this. I though it was just. us.

My wife and I play couch co-op. We were super excited for the new vault card.

Now we can’t play with the Inventory menu being so small.


Let’s be honest, compared to BL1, BL2 and BLTPS…BL3’s split screen has been sub par at best since its release close to two years ago. This latest example has shown once again that @GBX does not properly test their “fixes” and leaves that to the customers.


Any update on this? We’ve been busy so didn’t get a chance to local co-op since Vault Card 2 update. Seems like latest patch didn’t address it. Can I play local co-op or not?

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Still broken. This is a professional bloody company. I’m a software developer myself. We have processes in place to avoid crap like this, and if it happens, we patch it within the day. We don’t just break crap for our clients and call it a day.

What the ■■■■ outfit is gearbox even running? Are they professionals or just a bunch of moronic monkeys, this isn’t how you run a dev firm and I’d be bloody embarrassed to have my name associated with these muppets.

Edit: also from the last patch notes, I can take a good guess that the problem is related to whatever updates they did to support Ultra wide screens being applied to all standard 4k screens. The lack of testing and due process when making such a change is insane. You make a change to screen layouts for Ultra wide, and you don’t go take a look whether you’ve accidentally ■■■■■■ other screen sizes?


Just had a thought, if I’m right, it’s because we’re running at 4k. Just switched to performance mode, solves the problem and inventory is now usable. Although if course everything is now a bit blurry.

This isn’t a hard problem to solve gearbox, get on it.


Please fix this problem GB! Remove what you did that screwed it up. I bought a 4 K tv, and the Xbox one X to play these games in 4k. I shouldn’t be forced to play in a degraded video mode because a few have this “ultrawide” setup. If that IS the case. Switch it back, fix it at the shop and send it out when it works but leave the rest of us to play it as we paid for!I
As it is we’re still waiting to get back to playing after the new vault card but can’t.


Good luck with @GBX fixing the issue, some of us have been waiting close to two years for them to actually fix the split screen UI and text size and as you can tell it has fallen off deaf ears, unless you are a streamer of course.

As I have said in other threads though have to wonder why @GBX employees never actually played real local couch co-op like the rest of us do on their show titled as such. Then again no you really don’t have to wonder that hard at all.


Thanks, and yes there have been split screen issues since the beginning. The real problem now is this little change has made it worse not better and now it affects both horizontal and vertical split screens.

Yeah it s**ks to say the least because we enjoyed BL1, BL2 and BLTPS a lot over the years and put in time. Between the split screen issues and the poor console performance BL3 has been an overall disappointment and certainly a regret purchase. Sad thing is there are things about BL3 I do like but those out weight the good. A hard lesson learned when it comes to products from @GBX and certainly learned my lesson about pre orderings and day one purchases.

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Thanks for figuring that out and posting it Drifters. I saw that while my wife and were on vacation, so when we got back we were able to get started on our new Vault Card.

GB still needs to fix the thing they broke, but at least your work around discovery let us play. In my boss you get to go to the afterlife of your choice :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s been broken since launch. The 3-4 player splitscreen patch broke a number of features and is mostly unusable.

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Just figured out a fix. Switch from Resolution setting to Performance. Only tested on the Series X.

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Works also on PS5. Thanks

It’s not really a fix but a workaround which makes the game look significantly worse.
Switching back and forth the resolution setting and vertical/horizontal splitscreen makes everything “usable” but having to do this seemingly random stuff before each session is highly annoying.
I can’t believe it’s still not fixed end of October.

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BL3 version of split screen has been broken since the games release.