Is BL3 "there" yet, for you?

So, with the announcement of the reroll machine for anointments, we finally have a solution to one of the biggest complaints about BL3 (that RNG is too high and it’s too hard to get a specific item with a specific anointment). Assuming that the new machine is what we hope, which will have to wait for it to come out, would this elevate BL3 to where you want it?

For me, my biggest complaints about BL3, since it came out, have been the push towards save/quit farming bosses to get gear that has too high RNG (which the reroll machine should fix), mayhem 2.0 (which mayhem 11 mitigates, but I’d still like a better system, ideally one where we get more choice), and the balancing issues (which gearbox seem to be making worse with their random buffs, so I’ll have to ignore). For me, the game is getting there, but I’m not 100% sure about it.

What do you think?

  • It’s where I want it
  • It’s not where I want it, but I think it might be, after the next patch
  • It’s not where I want it, and the next patch probably won’t get it there.

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I’d also like to ask - For all those who haven’t bought all the DLC, what is stopping you? Is it that you don’t like the content being sold, or that you’re holding out for specific fixes to the game, and what would you need before you’d consider buying DLC?


mayhem 2.0 is still there so…
i might play the new story with my own mods but id rather have gearbox clean up their mess


Good poll Hovie!

I want so badly for GBX to get the game to the point where it feels like it could be playable for 5-7 years like BL1, BL2, and even TPS to some extent. I don’t have any confidence or expectation that this Thursday’s patch/hotfix/DLC/whatever will get BL3 into that state. But I really would be impressed if GBX could get it done.


I rarely blay BL3 now, but this is the main reason why I won’t be returning to playing BL3 without mods. I don’t care how many legendaries they buff. Even if every single legendary was viable at M10 they still only represent a single digit percentage of the overall loot.

If they want to commit to buffing loot at the expense of everything under M10 the least they can do is give non-uniques the same treatment. Seeing the starter pistol last for 10+ levels would be the icing on the loot based parody cake this game has become.


It’s a step in the right direction, but we’re still left with a lot of silly scaling issues from the current mayhem system, and it does nothing to address the mayhem modifiers, which I feel are largely gimmicky and end up just being a tedious game of rerolling modifiers ad nauseum until you get the specific favorable set of modifiers you want. It’s just not a very good system and personally I wish they’d abandon the random modifiers altogether. I dunno what the general mood is on that though maybe I’m in the minority with this opinion.

Mayhem scaling is a bigger issue and will probably take numerous fixes and balance changes to properly address. Personally I’d start by toning down the power of anointments significantly then tuning down enemy Mayhem scaling accordingly. From there they could tune down Skill mayhem scaling further, or remove the scaling from a bunch of skills then buff other parts of the VH’s trees accordingly to offer more build options with none of them being oppressively strong.


it can be easier if you just remove it all together

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There is just so much for Gearbox to fix that it will ultimately disappoint most people, probably.

Character balance is #1 priority IMO. Zane and Moze are levels ahead of Amara and FL4K, and without heavy tweaking to skill trees and class mods (Gearbox are notorious for putting no effort whatsoever into changing them), it will still be here. Some trees need complete reworks too like Zane’s green tree and Fl4k’s purp tree. Maybe even Zane’s purp tree considering how ludicrous it is.

There also aren’t any cool gear combos anymore! Who else remembers Redistributor Zane with barrier? Or Butcher and Hex Moze? Recursion Amara? Lump FL4K? You just can’t find any of these type of interactions anymore. Gearbox would need to look at EVERY piece of gear in the game and balance them accordingly… doubt they will

I could go on forever talking about unrewarding raids and trials, DLC5 skill tree coms not having any non-legendary versions, laggy ass UI, enemy and pet AI being atrocious, performance issues, just a bunch more ■■■■ that gearbox prob wont all cover in this patch


This and an actually working difficulty scaling…

This is a game for nubs…

Mayhem scaling is necessary for melee, action skill and pets. It was almost impossible to play melee before mayhem scaling, that is why me an others advocated for mayhem scaling at the time.

On the other hand no one asked this FiTSD (aarg even this acronym is stupid) scaling on a freaking passive garbage and certainly not me as Moze is my least played character. So let s remove the nonsense and no more ’ fix ’ by destroying everything that has been built with nuclear bombs just because it s ‘easier’ to press big red buttons for GB giant hands.

On topic: the reroll machine is a giant step in the good direction but there is still work to be done.


I don’t like the content of last dlc:
-Arm race is lacking imo
-I want extra vault hunters not op/useless extra trees on existing ones

I d consider buying next dlc depending on the content
I d consider buying last dlc if arm race is completely revamped into a full fledged rogue like with skills progression, different levels, different bosses (realistically not gonna happen)


The problem is that even with the right updates like this one, there are still people muttering complaints who abuse the crazy scaling, abandon balance and think only of themselves.
Don’t be fooled by them if GBX is to stay on the right path.


And it will also make the game easier for everyone… People who already steamroll end game will definitely quit (if not already)

Where is the damn difficulty :expressionless:

I already own most of the weapons with the best anoinments and haven’t played for months…

Like always, GBX takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back…


I disagree.

People who want to steamroll only care about meta, which is a few items with even fewer specific anoints, those items have been readily available to trade for ages, reroll machine is not going to change anything to how widespread cakewalk items are. On the other hand if you want non meta, unusual stuff it is impossible to find any trade, and the farm is way too hellish, that’s why the machine will be useful.


Never ever played a single second of coop in BL3…

Never ever received a single item from anybody in BL3…

Never did i use a build i got from the internet in BL3

Only thing the machine will do is make chasing that unicorn even easier… And so make end gamr even more redundant.

Anoinments are still insanely OP, balance is still nowhere to be found and difficulty scaling isn’t working…


it s not because you don t do something that others don t, a lot of people including myself get meta items by trading which is by far the easiest way to get them, and no reroll machine is going to change that.


It’s too soon to say what the patch will accomplish, but as someone who really likes the game, I don’t think the changes will make people who are disatisfied play it again, as in, if you’re here and you don’t like the game as it is and are waiting for a complete rework of the endgame or rebalance of everything at this stage of the game’s lifespan, It’s pretty obvious you’re just wasting your time.

Gearbox has made it perfectly clear by the last year of balance changes that legendaries and a couple of select unique/epic items (like the Crit, Hail…) are the endgame. I can see more guns being buffed here and there, toning down overperforming skills (like some of Moze’s skills, which I still expect to be nerfed a bit further) and improving underperforming skills (most of FL4K’s purple tree, lower half of Zane’s green tree…), but that’s about it.

However, for those that already enjoy the game or keep playing it, this patch would lessen the grind, give people a reason to log in everyday for those daily and weekly challenges and make the endgame economy much more important by making Eridium a valuable currency and (maybe) even money as well with the Black Market machine. It would also add endgame content, although, if I’m being honest, I do think raid bosses are content for a (very vocal) minority of the playerbase and it won’t change anything, people will try to beat the boss for about a couple of weeks and then will leave again (or remain, since Cartels is also around the corner and that event it’s really good).

Overall, what I do think the game needs is more content, something that keeps that “carrot on a stick” moving for people. Borderlands 2 may had some of the worst balance in any videogame and the “endgame content” was very lackluster in terms of quality, but it had a lot of stuff to do to keep you going. You had to beat the story 3 times, you had to grind for EXP to level to max, you had to beat the Digistruck Peak to get you to OP10…and all of that made it so that made always had something to chase for longer.

Borderlands 3 simplified that process to reach that endgame much faster, which was a big improvement on the pacing, but then didn’t really add enough endgame content to keep people playing the game. You have 6 proving grounds, 3 slaughters, 2 takedowns and then you’re “done” with the game and basically left with only farming god rolls or making a new character.

I don’t know what they can add to keep that “chase” going or if they think the Battle Pass approach with Vault Cards is enough though, remains to be seen how things shake up.


I am sure that will never change. Anointments are a fundamental part of this endgame as much as slag was for bl2. People hated slag, people loved slag but such mechanics are too central in the gameplay to be completely reworked. It’s sad to say but hopes in that regard are better off being shut down

@olivier_shady That was a pretty solid rant, I’d say. :wink::rofl:

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I haven’t played for more than an hour so far, I’ve always played couch co-op and it’s still unplayable with the text size. Subtitles can be upscaled but anything on the HUD can’t.


it actually does nothing for me, it is nowhere and will never be but it is undeniable and improvement for vanilla players.