Is "blinded" considered AoE?

I’ve been trying to complete “A Vision of Solitude” for several hours, spamming bleeding Flashbangs everywhere, and have only 62 kills registering.

Am I doing something wrong or could it be a result of the changes to AoE?

You need to kill blinded enemies, not kill them with the flashbang. If they die by the initial flashbang explosion it doesn’t even register.


Thanks. I’ll stop using skill increase gear and see if I can get it right - flash then kill.

This one does sertaintly take some time, I recommend grinding in the renegade personally, spawns a lot of elite thralls.

The Renegade is also good because you can build a bunch of FLASH TRAPS which will blind enemies for you and will count if you kill them.


Oooohhhh, sneaky. I love it and will try it immediately.

can you update progress, because I will be doing this too lol

Thank you. It really works and I never would have thought of it.

Flash traps work great, wish I could get a flash drone. Didn’t use skill gear, did use flash traps, and got 35 kills in one run of Renegade. Progress at last!

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TY sir!

No prob. That’s what the community is for.

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