Is bloody harvest over yet

Once again, I hate the free events… they deter me from playing. I’m not interested in limited time loot and annoints…

Yes I know I can disable them… However that doesn’t fix all of the issues … so I don’t get the skulls floating around, that’s a start … however all the terror annoints that I have no interest in are still flooding the loot pool making farming even more craptastic then it already is…

When it says “disable bloody harvest” it means I want to DISABLE it… Not turn off half of it…

Wait what? Terror anoints are dropping with the event turned off? I don’t think that’s intended.

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Their support staff will get right on it… :rofl:

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That’s weird. I’ve turned it on/off and I’ve never experienced that.

That being said, this event is pretty bad. While some of the Terror builds have some interesting mechanics, it doesn’t make up for all the screen pollution from that annoying green ring - for me at least. Also the added recoil and loss of accuracy is just annoying, if I wanted that I could just turn on Big Kick Energy.

Bring back the Cartels!!

At least Ghast Call (grenade) is damn good. Fearmonger is also pretty good, though to a lesser extent.

If you turn off the event you don’t get any terror anointment. You don’t get any haunted enemies.
I, for example, have it off since I’m farming for something that I don’t want with any terror anointments. I haven’t seen a single Terror anointment.

If the menu says “Disable Bloody Harvest” then you have the event live. Your menu should read “Enable Bloody Harvest” for it to be off.


So… Update it was a different strange bug … The event was actually enabled which explains the terror annoints… However no skulls were spawning, hence why I though it was disabled…

I definitely don’t care much for the Bloody Harvest event but definitely like it less when I have to reload my game because General Haunt is invulnerable because only 2 sheild generator pedestals spawn. If you don’t break 3 his sheild never comes down, and then I get ptsd flashbacks from fight Annointed Militants for hours at a time.

Well in a few moments I’ll be logging in and hitting m10Graveward dead in a single shotgun clip (6seconds tops)… Using terror :slight_smile:

Have a great day people!

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They shouldn’t drop…

How frustrated I am with the game, I’m not going to say they overlooked something here