Is bltps's uvhm broken?

Not sure if I’m the only one with the problem but once I travel to Serenity’s Waste from the moon shot cannon on Helios on uvhm, it glitches out or something like it. My character is in the moon shot container but nothing happens. Can someone tell me what is wrong?

Rare bug that unfortunately can still happen. I assume that you’re already fully patched and have tried restarting the game. If you’re still blocked, you’ll need to find someone on the same mission (ideally just starting the initial Helios section) to co-cop with so you can get past the blockage in your own game. You’ll want to go at least as far as Janey’s place and trigger the FT there. On-line play sections for each platform either under the TPS (PS3/360/PC) or Handsome Collection (XB1/PS4) headings.

I will do that. Thanks a lot!