Is Boldur OP? This one was

Played a match last night and this Boldur was insane! I was wondering what other players think of this character.

No he isn’t op. Actually, there was a prime opportunity to take him down as your teams shayne ran off in the opposite direction. Boldur and Galilea have a shield that absorbs ALL damage to the front (2k for boldur and 1k for galilea) so that means with that shield up you have to dish out 2k dmg on his shield before it breaks, in my experience they get away or someone joins them to help kill you before this ever happens. Best way to stop these shield wielders is with flanking from your team. Attack from the front and behind, they will grab a wall, use a push to stun or use an ability to stun and rain in the pain.

I’m going to play as Boldur tonight to see for myself. I think he also has a shield that heals him based on the dmg it takes. I want to check out the cooldowns and get a better look at his Helix.

I still think that it’s pretty crazy that he had such low health and 2 players couldn’t take him down or as you suggest we need two players to flank him.

That was bad positioning on your guys part, you could have cut him off at the other side of the bunker instead of just hitting his shield the whole time. He was just slowly backing up the entire time lol

It was the first time I had played against this Hero. I didn’t expect the shield to last that long lol.

Nope, that’s how it should work when attacking just from the front. If he had tried to stand his ground you and that oscar mike could of flanked him, but instead he retreated and you pushed him back out of your lane. I call that balance.

The heal on block is only when his ult is activated on the shield. 10th level helix option can let him keep shield up indefinitely (other choice is a 50% damage boost woth axe while ultimate active on it).

Especially late game, don’t try to kill him from head on. Flank him or try to position him so your team or you turrets can flank him. Also aoe, like oscar mikes incendiary will still damage when shield is up.

I played 3 matches with Boldur last night and he didn’t feel OP so I guess it’s just like any other character. A good player will make the character good.

Were u playing on ps4 because I think that may have been me you were playing against.I remember something similiar happening when playing as boulder.

Yeah, it was on PS4.

Level 10, Boldur can absorb all damages with his “Runes of Power” shield, without any break :sunglasses:

Unless flanked or aoe damage. He’s also not dealing damage. That’s why I love Boulder, you need to know when to balance attack and defense.

I’ve played alot of Galilea and Boldur. Boldur is not OP, his damage is quite underwhelming (especially during lower levels). The counter is flanking. In my experience I’ve had quite some trouble with Thorn quickly getting around to my side while also sustaining fire from their teammates. Putting AOEs behind Boldur as he backs away also works.

I would love to see him getting a buff to his early game. I always find myself underleveled as he struggles with kills and assists, due to him having to get close to actually do anything furthered by his extremely slow attack speed. He doesn’t have the AOE of Galilea to help him take out minions either. As he currently is I miss a bit of punch from his attacks. Level 7-10 he potentially starts becoming a high health powerhouse though.


Heeeeey, that’s meeeee!

I’ve been told I have the best Bolder anyone has seen, I feel happy that someone made a video about me. :slight_smile:

When you know your character you know your character. :slight_smile:

I think me and Boldur as one.

And sorry to triple post but what happened here was I kept my heal runes active while using my root tea legendary, that’s why my life was replenishing fairly quickly.

Yet you use MARQUIS as your profile picture? PFFT. I feel like they probed my mind when they designed Boldur.

I only made this profile to post about buffing Whiskey Foxtrot so i never changed my photo. Honestly I dunno how too lol.

Nice! I can appreciate a good player that knows how to use their character. I know if a character is OP if I can play it like a champ right out of the box. But I had a real hard time using Boldur. But now that I know more about the hero I can modify my game play when I face them.