Is boldur the grandfather of thorn?

if you move to 27:29 in the video above, you’ll see thorn fighting boldur. moments later when she gets the kill, she shouts:“do you think i’m playing around!? i just killed my grandpa!” which implies that thorn is boldur’s grandaughter.

(sorry in advance if it’s already known)


First I’ve heard of it, but that’d be pretty funny if so

Funny but wiered since boldur is a dwarf and thorn is an elf.

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Could be a joke about him being old, or it could be you getting your wish before the lgbt peeps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there are both Ekkuni, so I guess it’s possible.

Haha hardly a wish. On Valentine’s day they (gbx) did a bunch of love letters from Orendi to Toby.

Level 10 vs Level 7: 2 charged arrows (1 to break through entire temporary overshield), a volley, 3 turret hits and maybe a minion or two munch on him. Was that a fast kill or expected for that kind of level difference?

Must … find … those … letters …

And here: she says: “Behold! The wrath of the adopted!”

Also somewhere in the same video she calls Boldur “miserable space dwarf”. RUDE!


So maybe she’s just upped the ante from daddy issues to granddaddy issues. I could see it.

Check out @Battleborn’s Tweet:

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Ah, I follow that, not sure how I missed it. Thanks.

Adopted. :slight_smile: They are different races, and only Boldur is native to Ekkunar.

Don’t want to spoil a lot here, though. You can find out more about this question in-game by unlocking Thorn and Boldur lore.


Did you get the name Ekkunar from the lion king. Ekkunar Matata


Haha! Sounds like it, right?

Sadly, no. “Ekkunar” is a word from the Aelfrin language, which I created for a few background bits of lore. It means “Home”.

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Oh haha cool.

Well i unlocked his lore, but it actually raised a lot of questions. Aelfrin ? Bah, it has elf right in there. Boldurs faction boldurs STAR, but so much elf taint >_> ALEfrin would of be better… I knew i’d hate thorn and i knew she was awful before i even knew the lore, reading it just confirmed how correct my disdain towards elves is and always has been. Boldur feels bad when he kills thorn or melka, boldur has a heart. Thorn is just a sociopath and i knew it from the start.

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Your Dwarven love is spreading through the forums it seems with you love for boldur. But personally elvin characters are always some of the most unique in lore/backstory even though they are often given the archer like role in most games and movies. Just like dwarves usually get the tanky role. Thorn > Boldur imo

I knew what Thorn would be like just from pictures BECAUSE they’re always the same to me. Archer, Druid, Assassin/Bladedancer… Yeah tank is a role people dont like to play often… its aaalll about the damage for too many people, one of the reasons Dwarves aint so popular in the first place is their limited “class” selection in that matter. Having played every game that lets me be a Dwarf i have obviously had to wade through an ocean of games that let you be Elves (often many different kinds of course), and had to put up with them in all of their annoying forms so i have to disagree about the lore thing. Some times its definitely mixed up like the Deathless Empire in shadowbane vs the slave elves of DragonAge but i end up hating them for the same reasons. The only good Elf backstory is about how they died off >> everyone will read about it when im done ‘writing’ it >>

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Power to you mate, we have different tastes and that is what 1. makes this community so diverse. and 2. wonderful and delightful and is the reason battleborn is the way it is.